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UC Davis Outstanding Student 2017 Recipients

Selected Awards for Internationally Engaged Students and Student Organizations

CSI Leadership Awards
Global Engagement Award - MEDLIFE at UC Davis

The Global Engagement Award recognizes a registered student organization that demonstrates a commitment to exposing UC Davis students to global perspectives, promoting cross-cultural awareness, and exploring intersections of identity between domestic and international communities.

MEDLIFE at UC Davis is a chapter of an international organization that strives to provide medical, educational and developmental efforts to various countries around the world. Students volunteer their time in assisting doctors, and MEDLIFE interns and community workers put on mobile clinics for hundreds of people in underserved areas around the world.

While MEDLIFE’s work abroad is largely centered on global health and education, locally, they engage students in important discussions about global health and development and encourage deeper community service involvement in Davis. MEDLIFE strives to better understand the root causes of the many health care problems and focus their resources on providing aid for projects that the community has asked for, rather than what they may “think” the community needs. Cultural sensitivity is a core, central value of MEDLIFE, and it is integrated into every effort made by this organization.

Refer to the Division of Student Affairs for more receipients of CSI Leadership Awards 2017.

Community Service and Civic Engagement Awards

The Community Service and Civic Engagement Awards are given in recognition of student organizations, undergraduate and graduate students who have given dedicated service to others that is substantial in breadth, quality and time commitment. The honoree’s service has resulted in a substantive and positive community impact. The honorees excel not only in the areas of leadership and scholarship, but also apply abilities in innovative ways to improve the lives of others and demonstrate a commitment to equity and inclusion. The service recognized has impacted the campus, local, national and/or international communities.

Undergraduate - Funke Aderonmu

Through her service, Funke Aderonmu channeled academic training, research and communication skills to effectively support organizations working to advance sustainable development and cross-cultural engagement on a global scale. Her service includes International House, where she facilitated the English language conversation class; Freedom from Hunger, where she drafted an instructional toolkit for orchestrating peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, conducted research on themed fundraisers and compiled findings into a statement of recommendations and best practices, and developed training materials for digital storytellers in preparation for pilot projects in Peru and Burkina Faso.

Funke also served as a Blum Center Poverty Alleviation Summer Fellow at Bright Green Renewable Energy, where she spent four weeks in Nairobi working on a clean energy project. In Kenya, she conducted consumer product testing research on eco-friendly cooking fuels targeting middle- and low-income communities. She also founded a blog for Bright Green and contributed digital content and articles to expand online outreach and education efforts to new users. 

Undergraduate - Ryan Borden

Ryan Borden’s service includes the chancellor's Undergraduate Advisory Board, where he meets with the interim chancellor to advise on major initiatives that impact student life and experiences at Davis, and Phi Delta Epsilon, raising money for Children's Miracle Network to provide operations and treatment for children in need at UC Davis Health. He was the BloodSource student co-director, where he ran quarterly blood drives, and volunteered as the Mind Spa wellness ambassador, for which he ran two Mind Spas on campus and provided resources to help students de-stress.

Ryan’s commitment to quality health care for underserved communities is clear. He teaches patients to live healthier and prevent diseases, volunteers at an underserved elementary school in Sacramento to teach health and nutrition, and raises awareness about preventative health as a member of Recognizing Illnesses Very Early and Responding. He supports research on vascular determinants of Alzheimer's as part of the Villablanca Laboratory. Ryan also went to Central American countries to provide primary health care to underserved communities through membership in Global Medical Brigades. This past year, he traveled to Nicaragua and co-led the brigade. 

Refer to the Division of Student Affairs for more recipients of Community Service and Civic Engagement Awards 2017.

Principles of Community Week Grant Competition Award

In recognition of registered student organizations committed to fostering the Principles of Community at UC Davis and that seek to implement activities or programs that exemplify and promote the Principles of Community throughout the student community. The award is presented by the Office of Campus Community Relations in partnership with the Student Assistants to the Chancellor.

Gold - Afghan Student Association

The Gold Level Award recipient, Afghan Student Association, coordinates an annual cultural banquet to support the Principles of Community on campus. The banquet is a festive educational event that provides a cultural stage for the Afghan and UC Davis student community to learn more about Afghanistan and its people. The cultural banquet strives to combat the negative characterization of Afghanistan and to promote its rich cultural heritage through food, music, poetry, and prominent speakers. The event allows UC Davis students to make connections within and across cultures which, in turn, facilitates a greater appreciation for our diverse community.

Refer to the Division of Student Affairs for more recipients of Principles of Community Week Grant Competition Award 2017.