Entry Requirements for Cuba

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Entry Requirements for Cuba

Travel to Cuba is regulated by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).  Travel to Cuba is heavily restricted and is generally restricted to traveler who fall under specific licenses or travel categories.  Background information about Cuba entry requirements established by OFAC can be found here.

Educational, Research, and Professional Travel to Cuba

UC Davis institutional travelers to Cuba typically fall under the categories of travel related to education, research or professional meetings, and humanitarian projects.  Travelers who wish to travel to Cuba for tourism or other non-educational/research reasons will not be permitted to travel despite their professional affiliation with UC Davis – the nature of the travel must be documented and align with the OFAC restrictions above.

If you are planning travel to Cuba as part of your work with UC Davis, please contact Global Affairs (530-754-9707, globalaffairs@ucdavis.edu) related to educational/research licensing and any other travel considerations.

As with any institutional travel, travelers should register their trips with the University of California. Registration ensures extension of UC travel insurance and provides travelers with emergency, safety and risk mitigation information customized to their location abroad

Changing Restrictions/Legislation

U.S.-Cuban relations constantly evolve and, subsequently, travel restrictions and guidance issued by OFAC is subject to change.  Although the current administration is signaling a cooling of relations with Cuba, there have been no changes to the OFAC travel policies as of yet. Educational, research and humanitarian travel to Cuba remains permissible under the policies above.

Travel restrictions may change at any time, so travelers are urged to consult the OFAC link above as well as the Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs.