A Conversation on the Executive Order on Immigration

A Conversation on the Executive Order on Immigration Crowd

February 2, 2017
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
International Center Lobby, 463 California Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

On Friday, January 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order "“Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” that prevents persons from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia) from entering the United States. As many people were very concerned about how this decision affected our UC Davis community, Global Affairs coordinated an event with higher education leaders to hold a conversation on UC Davis’ commitment to supporting our community. 

Interim Chancellor Ralph Hexter and representatives from Global Affairs, Student Affairs, Campus Diversity, Undergraduate Education, Graduate Studies, and the School of Law were present to answer questions and hear community member's concerns, perspectives and stories.

International students and scholars at UC Davis who need support or have questions about international travel should contact Services for International Students and Scholars  or visit their page on the Executive Order on Immigration.

(530) 752-0864

Forum Addresses Concern Over Immigration Order (UC Davis Dateline, February 7, 2017)