Provost’s Forum on The Public University and the Social Good: The International Perspective

From Mandalay to Memorial Union: How Public Universities Keep Dreams Alive

Allan E. Goodman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of International Education

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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About the Provost's Forum

The Provost's initiative emerges in the middle of an increasingly troubled global economy. In the U.S., state governments - not the federal government - provide the core funding for public universities. Lately, these governments have been facing a persistent and deepening fiscal crisis, forcing them to revise their budget priorities. Public funding for universities has been steadily and drastically reduced, threatening some of the core roles of public universities, most especially the provision of low-cost higher education. This situation is not unique to the U.S. and is equally being experience in other regions including Europe and Latin America. The question is, how are public university systems in other nations coping with these changes? The impacts may be different for administrators, faculty, and students. This speaker series, within the larger Provost's Forum, will bring the all-important international dimension to our discussion.

The Provost's Forum is coordinated by the Department of Community and Regional Development and the Center for Regional Change.

About Dr. Allan E. Goodman

Dr. Allan E. Goodman is the sixth President of the Institute of International Education, the leading not-for-profit organization in the field of international educational exchange and development training. IIE conducts research on international academic mobility and administers the Fulbright program sponsored by the United States Department of State, as well as over 250 other corporate, government and privately-sponsored programs. Since its founding in 1919, the Institute has also rescued scholars threatened by war, terrorism, and repression. Rescued scholars and other alumni of Institute-administered programs have won 68 Nobel Prizes..

Dr. Goodman has a Ph.D. in Government from Harvard, an M.P.A. from the John F. Kennedy School of Government and a B.S. from Northwestern University. He also holds honorary degrees from Chatham and Toyota Universities, Dickinson, Middlebury, Mount Ida, and Ramapo colleges, and The State University of New York. He has received awards from Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, South Florida, and Tufts universities, and the Légion d'honneur from France. He was awarded the inaugural Gilbert Medal for Internationalization by Universitas 21 in May 2012.