Trans-Doc: Train-The-Trainers Workshop 2012

About the Workshop

This interactive and experiential 2-day workshop is a unique opportunity for faculty, staff and others involved in education and doctoral training to share experience and best practices with similar colleagues from the University and beyond.


March 5-6, 2012


University of California, Davis


The course is designed to ensure that participants develop the practical skills required to deliver residential transferable skills courses, focusing on 3 key objectives:

  • To help those involved in training doctoral students understand the what and why of transferable skills
  • To develop an in-depth understanding of the potential audiences and their needs
  • To gain practical experience in the delivery of elements of a LEADER style course.

Participants will receive information and advice on the wider skills agendas and the importance of this type of training, but the majority of the course will take the format of discussion groups and activities which will support the development of course content and training materials.


There is no charge for the workshop; participants are expected to fund their own transportation and accommodation costs; some meals will be provided.

Preliminary Program

Day 1

Introductions Overview of transferable skills The European Perspective The U.S. Perspective The arguments for and against spending time developing doctoral and early career researchers Identifying and prioritizing required skills Case Study - the LEADER Summer School Logistics Activities Pastoral support Key success factors

Day 2

Review of day 1 activities Participants will have the opportunity to work through various activities which can be used to develop a LEADER style course, including collaboration, self awareness, time/project management, creativity, networking Participants will also get an overview of how to encourage team development and presentation skills in all activities Engaging visiting experts Good practice and top tips from the trenches Questions, review and evaluation of course

Application process

To apply to attend the Workshop, please send a letter of interest to Professor Adrienne Martín, Associate Vice Provost, International Programs ( communicating your professional background and involvement with graduate student training, and how you will use the skills obtained in the workshop in the future. The deadline to receive letters of interest is February 10, 2012.