Pakistan Agricultural Innovation Project

UC Davis is partnering with several international organizations on the Pakistan Agricultural Innovation Project, a new four-year $30 million USAID supported Agricultural Research for Development program. The project is designed to promote economic growth in Pakistan by bringing more farms and more hectares under improved technologies and management practices, and by increasing the productivity and production value of livestock, horticultural, and cereal crops. UC Davis, through the International Programs Office of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, will manage a $5.2 million component dealing with human resource development, perennial horticulture projects, and delivery strategies using emerging ICT options. The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center is coordinating the project and will also manage a portfolio of cereal and cereal systems projects. The Pakistan Agricultural Research Council will host the Project and coordinate with Pakistan’s provinces to establish local and national priorities and facilitate implementation of a Pakistan-driven agenda. The International Rice Research Institute will manage rice projects, the International Livestock Research Institute will manage the livestock projects, while The World Vegetable Center will manage the annual horticulture projects.