Seminars Abroad Programs Launch at UC Davis

Starting in Fall Quarter 2014, UC Davis Study Abroad will be offering new Seminars Abroad programs to students interested in studying abroad during intersession periods throughout the school year. UC Davis Seminars Abroad are focused learning opportunities offered in September, June or during winter holiday break. UC Davis faculty will lead students through UC Davis courses enhanced by field trips, onsite projects and group activities. Programs may be a stand-alone course or an onsite component for a course taught during the regular term on campus. Programs run from 10 days to 3 weeks and students receive 2-6 UC Davis units.

Three Seminars Abroad programs will be available starting in Fall 2014: Rome—Art and the City, and London Theatre—Live! are available to all UC Davis students; A Tale of Two Cities is available to University Honors Program students only. Enrollment is now open. 

Sierra Institute students explore Patagonia

Sierra Institute students explore Patagonia

Adventurous Students Study in Remote Patagonia

Earlier this year, eight students embarked on a nine-week expedition to study the diversity of landscapes in Patagonia as part of UC Davis Extension’s Sierra Institute program. Natural History of the Patagonia Cordillera allowed students to conduct hands-on botanical and ecological studies while backpacking and horse packing in far-flung regions of Argentina and Chile. The program offered 15 UC Davis academic credits for classes focused on natural history, field botany and environmental education.

“The course dives headlong into the challenges of combining an intimate group dynamic with a rigorous academic schedule and the challenges the natural world can bring to conducting classes,” explained Kaleb Goff, a student in the program.

Students studied wildlife species and the natural history and vegetation of the region through intensive readings and by familiarizing themselves with basic field research techniques.
Sierra Institute programs are open to anyone 18 or older regardless of school affiliation or educational status, even those not currently enrolled.

Generation Study Abroad

UC Davis has pledged to join the Institute of International Education (IIE)’s Generation Study Abroad initiative to double the number of American students who study abroad by 2020. This will place UC Davis among the top-tier Research I institutions nationally in terms of study abroad participation. 308 higher education institutions have already signed the Generation Study Abroad Commitment, including large state and private universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, historically black colleges and universities and other minority serving institutions.

Aggies Abroad Spotlight

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP),
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 2014: After waiting almost two months for a reply, and nearly giving up, the non-profit Sustentarte contacted me ... to discuss my potential participation in the organization. Sustentarte, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is dedicated to promoting sustainable development through educational projects involving school children and through courses open to the public.

June 2014: Building a bicycle shed is the project we are building up to. First, however, these high school students have to learn how to combine sand, straw, earth, clay, and water to make bricks. After messy barefoot mixing the dough was ready to use.

We also made earthen paints and plasters to touch up last year’s project: a darling little house for the preschool aged children to play in. All the students enjoyed painting it and repairing the cracks in the earthen walls. I am constantly amazed by the participation-based pedagogy used to teach this group of youth. There is no better way to learn sustainable building than to roll-up your sleeves and dig in. In the end, the goal is for the students to lead by designing their school’s new bicycle shelter and I think they definitely enjoy the agency this gives them.

—Lily MacIver, 2014

Community and Regional Development

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