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International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy

35 Fellows from around the globe kicked off the academy with an exercise in innovation. Working in teams, they created a slingshot out of a file folder, pencil, playing card, adhesive tape, and a rubber band to hurl a maltball into a distant glass. The message: networks and innovation are critical to bringing an idea to market. Learn more>>

Support educational outreach opportunities and preparatory programs that encourage access to higher education and the many resources of the university, across all communities and socio-economic levels

UOIP supports programs that bring industry leaders together with undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, faculty, alumni, and community leaders to provide "real-world" opportunities for learning through the operation of community-based social and educational services.

This year, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows completed their required six-week professional affiliations with academic, government, and non-profit organizations including:

Fellows completed work in the field learning about solar energy, plant pathology and disease prevention, integrated microfinance and loans, ecology and beekeeping, food systems, air pollution and hazardous waste, biofuels, farmer's cooperatives and aquatic ecology.

Through the Humphrey program's professional affiliation, UOIP is deepening the University's connections to the regional, national, and global business communities. These connections will continue after the Fellows return to their home countries. Fellows successfully completed UC Davis campus and Extension classes, served as international knowledge experts in agricultural, rural development, and environmental sciences for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students in the classroom. In 2013-14, Fellow Victoria Torres will return to UC Davis to enroll in a Ph.D. program.

This year, the Humphrey Fellows participated in 22 weekly seminars, 12 field trips, participated as a group in 7 conferences, and heard from 12 guest speakers. Two cross-campus collaborations were launched: a climate change teleconference with the Humphrey program at Cornell University, and a program with the local Woodland Community College's agriculture department. Both are geared toward enriching and expanding opportunities for sharing expertise and knowledge in the areas of agricultural development, natural resources management, and climate change. To support community activities, the Fellows participated in the International Festival Davis by presenting information about their home countries.

This year UC Davis successfully bid to organize and convene an Enhancement Workshop. Only five workshops are funded each year and open for any of the 204 Fellows to attend. The inaugural "International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Academy" brought 35 Humphrey Fellows to Davis. Presented by the UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Academy highlights included presentations by UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon, the institute's founder and director, as well as venture capitalists and veteran entrepreneurs. The Fellows developed a business pitch and business plan for their own venture, toured the Mondavi Food Sciences state-of-the-art winery and brewing facilities and visited Old Sacramento.

Commitment to social responsiblity and community engagement

Facilitated the "Adopt a Family" program through the Sacramento Volunteer Society. (Services for International Students and Scholars)

Three staff volunteered to mentor foster youth under the UC Davis Guardian Scholars Program. (Services for International Students and Scholars)

Engaged the community through a photo exhibit at Delta of Venus for the Davis Art About featuring selected entries from the annual study abroad Photo Contest. (Education Abroad Center)