3+X Master's Degree Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How many graduate programs are available for 3+X Program?
What is the English requirement for 3+X Program?

Applicants must score at least 80 on the TOEFL iBT or 7.0 for the IELTS examination. Applicants must also take the GRE general test if the graduate program requires it.

I just took my English test and it takes time to get the result. May I first submit an application and then send my English score?

Yes, provided that you can send your English score before the application deadline. If you send it after the deadline, your application may not receive full consideration.

I don’t have time to take the GRE until the summer. May I obtain admission contingent on submitting satisfactory GRE scores before Fall Quarter starts?

UC Davis graduate programs that require GRE scores as a part of their application process will not admit students conditionally based on future scores. If the graduate program requires GRE scores, you must provide your official score report before an admission decision will be made.

When can I know the result of my application?

It depends on each program. Usually the decisions will be made by May at the latest.

May I apply to two different graduate programs at the same time?

Yes, you can. For instance, you can apply to both Agriculture and Resource Economics and Horticulture and Agronomy at the same time. However, you will be required to submit a separate and complete application to each program (including an additional online application and application fee for each program).

Can fourth year students apply to the 3+X Program?

ZJU students who have completed all four years of education with a BS degree can also participate in this program and may start their master’s program directly in the first quarter.

Is a master's thesis required for 3+X students to earn their degree?

3+X students are admitted as non-thesis master’s students (referred to as a Plan II degree at UC Davis). At the end of the master's program, the students are required to pass a comprehansive final examination instead of completing a thesis. However, if a major professor is willing to accept a 3+X student to do thesis work, the student can change to the thesis master program (Plan I).

Is there any difference in the degrees earned by a normal master’s student and 3+X master’s student?

There’s no difference between the master’s degrees.

What are the degree requirements for 3+X students?

The typical non-thesis master’s programs at UC Davis require 36 quarter credits, depending on the specific discipline. It is required by UC Davis that students must be registered as master’s program students for a minimum of 3 academic quarters before earning their degree. (Note: two summer session terms are equivalent to one academic quarter and each summer session requires registration for at least 2 credits).

The first quarter for 3+X students is in UC Davis Extension’s Global Study Program (this first quarter does not count for the 3 academic quarters). The courses completed in the UC Davis Extension’s Global Study Program can count toward the undergraduate degree requirements at ZJU or a master’s degree at UC Davis. However, course units may only be counted toward one of the two degrees.

If I want to continue for my Ph.D. degree at UC Davis after the 3+X program, what should I do?

3+X students who choose to continue their studies for a Ph.D. at UC Davis will be required to apply for a change of degree objective following the normal procedures set by UC Davis. Decisions to grant admission to the Ph.D. are made by faculty in the individual graduate program. The graduate program coordinator in each program can provide you with information about the opportunity to continue your studies in the Ph.D. program.

How much financial support do I need to demonstrate to obtain my student visa?

The amount necessary will change each year.  When students are admitted into the program they will receive detailed instructions on how to apply for their I-20 document including the specific amount needed for their financial statement. 

What is the cost of attending UC Davis?

The cost of graduate programs at UC Davis can be found at http://budget.ucdavis.edu/studentfees/.

What is the lodging condition at UC Davis?

Usually, students rent rooms or apartments. The typical cost for one room in Davis is between $500 and $600 per month. You can also apply for a dormitory at UC Davis, but they are always in short supply. For more information about housing options for graduate students, go to http://housing.ucdavis.edu/prospective/.