FAPESP-UC Davis Collaborative Research Program

The 2015 Call for Proposals is now closed. 

Deadline: July 27, 2015.

The São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), Brazil, (under their SPRINT-3rd Edition 2014 program) and Global Affairs at UC Davis request joint research projects that will strengthen collaboration in mutual areas of interest. The program will fund joint proposals in the Humanities and Social Sciences that foster new initiatives and activities. 

Note: Though this call focuses on the Humanities and Social Sciences, FAPESP and UC Davis recently announced the launch of a new program to strengthen collaborative research in science, engineering, and medicine. The call for proposals for the new program is now open and the deadline for submissions is October 26, 2015.

Application and Instructions for UC Davis Faculty

You may also view this information here: http://www.fapesp.br/en/9426


UC Davis – Proposals will be accepted from members of the UC Davis faculty with Principal Investigator status.

Brazil – Proposals will be accepted from researchers from public and/or private institutions of Higher Education in the State of São Paulo. Brazilian research partners must also already have an ongoing project with FAPESP or they will need to apply to BOTH FAPESP and to this joint research program at the same time. 

Fields of knowledge:

The present call invites research proposals in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Duration of the project for the exchange of researchers:

The maximum duration of each project is 24 months. 

Funding principles:

FAPESP and UC Davis will each provide funding of up to $10,000 per proposal, per year. The grant will cover research-related mobility expenses, under the provisions of Clause 5 of the Scientific Cooperation Agreement established by the Parties: www.fapesp.br/en/7561.

Proposal Characteristics:

The proposal should be comprised of:

  1. A research project having a maximum of five (5) pages of scientific content, written jointly by the PI to FAPESP and his/her colleague, the PI at UC Davis. The research project must be written in English. One copy of the research project shall be sent to FAPESP and another (identical) copy to UC Davis. 
  2. Submission forms and additional documents as required by FAPESP and/or by UC Davis. 

The research project must include the following:

  1. Proposal cover sheet
  2. A substantive description of the exchange activities, emphasizing their relevance. The proposal must state clearly how the exchange activities to be carried out will contribute to the ongoing research project funded by FAPESP and to the research being carried out by UC Davis.
  3. A timeline for each specific exchange mission, considering the amount of missions and funding established in this call.
  4. Performance indicators for the planned activities.
  5. A description of each candidate's contribution to the mission, explaning their expertise to carry out the foreseen activities.
  6. Forseen Actions that will add to the impart of the exchange for UC Davis and for the Host Institution in the State of São Paulo, e.g. by means of seminars, short courses and visits to other institutions that carry out research activities in cognate areas. 
  7. Proposed budget with accompanying narrative. 
Submission of proposals to UC Davis:

Submissions to UC Davis requires that the completed application be saved as a single PDF file and submitted by email within the deadline of this call. All proposals should be sent to Global Affairs via email attachment to Jennie Konsella-Norene at jknorene@ucdavis.edu


Electronic copies of your proposal should be sent by July 27, 2015.

Results of the analysis:

Final results will be announced on FAPESP (http://www.fapesp.br) and UC Davis (http://globalaffairs.ucdavis.edu/funding/fapesp.html) web portals and by means of communication to the interested PIs. 

Contract for selected projects by UC Davis:

Selected proposals will be subject to the conditions set forth in a letter of award. 

Final Report:

A final report of your seed grant activities will be expected at the end of the award period.

FAPESP-UC Davis Final Report Form (.doc)

Further information:

For further inquiries at UC Davis, contact:

Jennie Konsella-Norene
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs and Special Projects, Global Affairs
(530) 754-9403, jknorene@ucdavis.edu

For further inquiries in Brazil, contact:

Dr. Vera Viviane Schmidt
Email: sprint@fapesp.br

Website: http://www.fapesp.br/en/9426

For further information on finding research partners in Brazil, visit:



Congratulations to the 2013 FAPESP-UC Davis Seed Grant Awardees!