Regional Grants

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 Regional Faculty Grant Recipients!

Grants for Regional Faculty Groups


The Global Affairs Grants for Regional Faculty Groups stimulate interactions and build stronger regional conversatons among the faculty working in the same region of the world. 

The grant is provided to engage faculty from a wide range of disciplines, who share knowledge and interests in advancing regional and multi-disciplinary collaborations here at UC Davis and abroad. 

Funding requests should bring together our UC Davis faculty who are working in the same region, perhaps through a networking event, joint meal(s), speaker series, or other similar event on campus. This funding is for events to be held at or near UC Davis, not in other countries.  


UC Davis Academic Senate faculty members and Academic Federation members with PI status, from any UC Davis location, are eligible to apply.

Multiple proposals from each region are allowed; however, only one proposal from each of the five regional groups will be awarded. Therefore, we encourage faculty within each regional group to explore joint initiatives and collaborative proposals. 

Requesting Funds

Funding from Global Affairs will be $5,000 per selected proposal. The regional groups and corresponding email list addresses are as follows:

Download a spreadsheet with a list of current members (.xlsx). To contact members of the group, send an email to the moderated email list. To be added to any group, please contact Jennie Konsella-Norene,

Timeline of funding

March 2018 - March 2019


Please use the Excel budget worksheet as you develop your budget. The budget can include the following categories and must be accompanied by a budget narrative:

  • Personnel (salaries, speakers)
  • Travel and Entertainment (facility rentals, food, transportation)
  • Materials and Supplies
  • Misc. Services (conference fees, honoraria, computer services, etc.)

Note: The budget is not subject to indirect costs.

Proposal Submittal Requirements

Proposals should include these elements:

  1. Proposal cover sheet including a one paragraph abstract of the proposed project/collaboration (150 word maximum). (1 page)
  2. A description of the proposed project, including proposed activities, project timetable, expected tangible outcomes, etc. (3 pages)
  3. Detailed budget and budget narrative. Please see the Excel budget worksheet for details regarding expenditures. (2 pages)

Submit your proposal in PDF form to: Jennie Konsella-Norene,


February 1st, 2018 

Evaluation Criteria

Global Affairs encourages applications for proposals that:

  • Foster interdisciplinary interaction between UC Davis faculty working in the same region
  • Involve graduate and/or undergraduate students
  • Advance existing and/or builds new partnerships with domestic or institutions abroad focused on a particular region
  • Offer a promise for a long-term new programmatic initiative
  • Involve several faculty members as sponsors
Final Reports

Grant recipients will be expected to submit a final report at the end of the award period. The final report form includes information about the project’s accomplishments and future plans. It also requests information about how the funds were expended.

Final report form

Further information and inquiries

Questions about the program can be directed to:

Karen Beardsley
Director of Sponsored Programs and Special Projects
(530) 752-5678,

Jennie Konsella-Norene
Assistant Director, Sponsored Programs and Special Projects
(530) 754-9403,