International Neighborhood


During the past several years, UC Davis has annually averaged over 5,000 international students and scholars and over 1500 UC Davis students have studied and interned abroad. This  number is expected to grow with the 2020 Initiative expected to bring an additional 5,000 students to campus, with the majority of them international or national students.

These constituents are serviced by campus units in various locations.   While visiting International Centers both domestically and around the world that are located on campus, we have learned of the educational, cultural and social benefits derived by residents and visitors to the Centers.

We are looking forward to the development of an international neighborhood at UC Davis. The first facility will include classroom space for UC Davis Extension classes and faculty and administrative offices. This will be known as the International Center and it is currently being designed for use by UC Davis Extension: Center for International Education and Global Affairs(Office of the Vice Provost, Services for International Students and Scholars and UC Davis Study Abroad). 

During Phase II we hope to add to the neighborhood a 300-500 bed facility, composed of a mix of domestic and international residents, complete with a café, meeting and social rooms, and office space for appropriate services and related international programs.

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