Brazil Scientific Mobility Program


UC Davis was recently designated as a lead host U.S. university in a major initiative focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields sponsored by the Brazilian government. Brazilian faculty, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduate students will conduct research and study at the top universities in the world.

For more information on how to apply for one of these opportunities,
contact the appropriate office listed below.

Faculty and Post Doctoral Researchers

The Brazilian government will provide 20+ postdoctoral fellowships for postdoctoral researchers to conduct research at UC Davis for up to 24 months.

Contact:Tracey Pereida, Academic Personnel Specialist, Office of Graduate Studies, TEL: (530) 754-6447

Graduate Students

The Brazilian government will provide 20+ fellowships for Brazilian students to complete a full Ph.D. program at UC Davis.

The Brazilian government will provide 30+ fellowships for Brazilian students to complete a portion of a Ph.D. program at UC Davis for up to 12 months.

As a prospective graduate student, we recommend that you first review this page for prospective international graduate students.

Once you have selected your anticipated program of study, contact:
Brian J. Gallagher, Director of Admissions and Academic Services, Graduate Studies, (530) 752-9297

Undergraduate Visiting Students (3-12 months)

The Brazilian government will provide  fellowships for Brazilian undergraduate students to study at UC Davis on a non-degree basis.  The fellowships will cover several types of activities, short-term English language acquisition, long-term academic study, and short-term undergraduate research programs.  The application process for the English and academic programs has been centralized through the Institute of International Education (IIE) and UC Davis Extension’s Center for International Education (CIE).  Brazilian students seeking short-term research programs may contact faculty members directly for admission or acceptance into their laboratory and notify CIE they have admitted the student.  CIE provides full support services, from orientation to housing assistance, to all students in the program.

Contact: Beth Greenwood, J.D., Associate Dean, or Jacob Hosier, M.A., Academic Director, Global Study Program, Center for International Education,, Tel: (530) 752-7314, Fax: (530) 757-8569

Institutional Collaborations, Services for International Students and Scholars and Study Abroad 

Global Affairs will work with Brazilian universities and Brazilian government agencies to facilitate implementation of the various programs.

Contact: Ermias Kebreab, Associate Vice Provost,
Global Affairs, TEL: (530) 754-9707

Sponsoring Brazilian Government Agencies

CNPq: National Council for Scientific and Technological Development
CAPES: The Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education

Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Flyer (.pdf)

Isabella Oliveira da Cunha Hines

“These first days at UC Davis have been a great mix of feelings. On the one hand I need to be alert to keep up with my academic tasks and to get used to how everything works, but on the other hand UC Davis has given me everything that I need to succeed. My classes are thrilling, my professors are inspiring and I am amazed with how much I've learned in that short time! As an international student and even more as a scholarship student I want to take as much as I can from my time at UC Davis; so far it is has already been the best experience of my life!”

– Isabella Oliveira da Cunha Hines
University of Sao Paulo (USP), Brazil

USP is the largest university in Brazil and one of the most prestigious in the nation.

Igor Rodrigues Barroso

"In these first weeks I have been studying in Davis I have already noticed some of the reasons that make this university one of the best in USA. From the huge campus to the excellent students, it is visible everywhere that UC Davis is indeed an amazing place to be a student. It has exceeded all of my expectations. Thanks to the Brazilian government and to the Global Study Program staff I am having the experience of a lifetime, one which is enhanced by UC Davis' quality. I hope to excel in my studies and to bring all the best from UC Davis back to Brazil."

–Igor Rodrigues Barroso
Computer Engineering
Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA), Brazil.

ITA is Brazil's top ranked and most prestigious engineering school, accepting little more than 100 undergraduates per year