Chile-University of California Partnership

Chile President Michele Bachelet, Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar with UC Davis student Alysha Stehly in a vineyard

Chile President Michele Bachelet, California Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar meet with  student Alysha Stehly during their visit to UC Davis to sign Agreements of Cooperation.


The Republic of Chile and the State of California have had a longstanding relationship of cooperation and collaboration since the launch of the Chile-California Program in 1963. This program sought to promote technical cooperation between Chile and California in areas such as agriculture, education, water resource management, and highway transportation.

In June 2008, Chilean President Michelle Bachelet visited UC Davis and signed several Memoranda of Understanding between the Chilean government and California, institutes of higher education, and industry. These MOUs established the Chile-California Partnership for the 21st Century.

Several months later the Chile -University of California Program on Human Capital Development was established through an agreement between the Chilean government and the University of California. This agreement recognized the common interest of developing highly qualified human capital in both countries through collaborative initiatives.

During President Bachelet’s visit UC Davis has signed two agreements in seed biotechnology and viticulture and enology. Since then UC Davis has signed additional agreements in the areas of food science and technology and water resources management. Other areas are being explored to include astronomy, physics and social sciences.


Goals of this program include collaborative research among scientists in both countries, and an increase of Chilean students’ access to advanced degree studies at the University of California. Through this program, UC will provide masters and doctoral degree studies to Chile’s best and brightest students who have been awarded scholarships by the Chilean Bicentennial Fund for Human Capital Development. In addition, there are faculty scholarships available to both Chilean and UC professors. Finally, specific UC Davis agreements target additional
opportunities for collaboration.

Chile-UC Davis Partnership Steering Committee

In order to promote and facilitate implementation of this historic agreement, UC Davis established the Chile-UC Davis Partnership Steering Committee headed by the Vice Provost (chair)

Steering Committee Membership
  • Chair: Adrienne Martín, Interim Vice Provost, Global Affairs
  • Alan Bennett, Executive Director, Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA)
  • Paul Dodd, Associate Vice Chancellor for Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Research
  • Jeff Gibeling, Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Beth Greenwood, Department Chair, International Programs, UC Davis Extension and Executive Director, International Programs, UC Davis School of Law
  • Jim Hill, Associate Dean, International Programs, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Lovell (Tu) Jarvis, Special Assistant to the Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Winston Ko, Dean, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, College of Letters and Science
  • Jan Hopmans, Associate Vice Provost, Global Affairs
  • Karen McDonald, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
  • Jorge Rojas, UC Davis Extension
  • Charles Walker, Director, Hemispheric Institute on the Americas

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