IREX Fellows

IREX’s University Administration Support Program (UASP), funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, benefits university administrators at select state universities in Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Ukraine.

The program provides access to pertinent university management skills and models of administration, and is designed to provide training to university administrators in the region while providing more concentrated funding to those university administrators who demonstrate they have the initiative, skills, and institutional support necessary to turn their institutions into models of administrative excellence. To this end, IREX implements a two-tiered program designed to provide opportunities to university administrators in the region. (Note: until 2008, UASP operated only in Russia.)

Program elements include:

  • Fellowships in University Administration provide funding for senior level administrators to spend approximately eight weeks at host universities in the United States. IREX places each visiting administrator with a counterpart at a respected US university to work one-on-one on a specific university-management topic. Administrators produce case studies on their topics to be presented at a workshop in Washington, DC. The fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible administrators.

  • Pilot Project Grants: After completion of their fellowships in the United States, the university administrators apply for small grants to jump-start reform projects at their home universities.

IREX Fellows

Sophio (Sopo) Arsenishvili, 2009, Case Study Report (.pdf)

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