Kyoto University - UC Davis Administrative Staff Exchange Program

UC Davis staff member Hong Au in Kyoto, Japan


In 2005-06, Global Affairs established an agreement of cooperation with Kyoto University to provide an opportunity for a staff exchange between our two institutions on an annual alternating basis.

The Administrative Staff Internship at Kyoto University is an opportunity to:

  • Study higher education in Japan and at Kyoto University
  • Visit other universities and organizations in Japan
  • Participate in a practicum at the International Affairs Division of Kyoto University with Japanese staff
  • Study the education system in Japan and visit schools
  • Give presentations about the U.S. higher education system and about U.C. Davis programs
  • Learn about Japanese people, society and culture


Participation is open to UC Davis staff employed both in Global Affairs and those units reporting to the Vice Provost’s Office: Confucius Institute at UC Davis, Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, Services for International Students and Scholars and Study Abroad.

The internship program is planned for alternating years and will consist of a period of 4 to 8 weeks depending on approved release time and funding estimates. Familiarity with the Japanese language is recommended but not required.

The selected intern will receive his/her UC Davis salary during the period of the internship, a per diem allowance for meals and lodging, as well as all travel expenses. Prior to departure, resources pertaining to the Japanese culture and work environment will be provided.

Administrative Staff Interns

Satoshi Kubo

2017: Satoshi Kubo, Kyoto University


2015: Jodi Barnhill, UC Davis

Photo: Ryoma Kawaguchi

2012: Ryoma Kawaguchi, Kyoto University

Photo: Hong Au

2011: Hong Au, UC Davis

Photo: Hiromi Sano

2010: Hiromi Sano, Kyoto University

Photo: Kristy Hirokawa

2007: Kristy Hirokawa, UC Davis

Photo: Miyoko Hatasako

2006: Miyoko Hatasako, Kyoto University

Publications and Presentations

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