Travel Resources

Trip Registration/Travel Insurance

All UC Davis-affiliated travelers are strongly encouraged to register their international trips. Trip registration takes less than one minute and provides travelers with critical, up-to-the-minute health, safety, security, and weather updates, giving travelers the information and support they need to ensure a safe and productive trip abroad. In addition to real-time, location-specific alerts, registering a trip is essential to ensuring timely emergency assistance, insurance support, and evacuation in the event of a crisis. Please note that travel booked via AggieTravel does not require a separate trip registration. A UC Davis account is required to register travel.

University of California Resources

UC Office of the President: Travel Insurance & Assistance (Including Personal Travel Coverage)

UC Office of the President: Traveling With Electronic Devices

UC GO: University of California Global Operations

UC Davis Resources

College, School, Department Safety and Emergency Guidelines

UC Davis Study Abroad: Health and Safety Information

UC-wide Education Abroad Program (UCEAP): Emergency Information

UCEAP: Worldwide Alerts

UC Davis Safety Services: Trip Planning

UC Davis Accounting & Financial Services: Foreign Travel

UC Davis Office of Research: Export Compliance Information and Guidance

UC Davis Internship and Career Center: Pre-Departure Handbook

UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: International Programs

School of Veterinary Medicine: International Travel Resources for Faculty, Staff, Students

Travel Medicine

The UC Davis Travel Medicine program offers a number of free services to UC Davis faculty, staff, and researchers, including:

  • No-cost vaccines;
  • A personalized medical travel report with health recommendations, medical and country-specific concerns, and emergency contact information;
  • A physician evaluation to determine pre-trip health and medical plan;
  • Access to an on-campus pharmacy.


Call Occupational Health at (530) 752-6051.

More information can be found here:

Other Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – ( “Travelers’ Health” provides information relating to health information for specific destinations, vaccination recommendations, references and resources, and much more.

U.S. Department of State ( - The U.S. Department of State’s Travel Resources website offers a wealth of information related to visas, passports, travel warning, and consular support for U.S. citizens traveling abroad, as well as important international health, safety, and travel tips.

Additionally, the U.S. Department of State maintains a website with valuable health, safety, and security information for students traveling abroad (

Federal Bureau of Investigation Fact Sheet: Safety and Security for the Business Professional Traveling Abroad

Federal Bureau of Investigation Fact Sheet: Safety and Security for U.S. Students Traveling Abroad

World Health Organization (WHO) ( –WHO is the United Nations’ specialized agency for health, established in 1948. Its website contains up-to-date information on health topics from around the world providing travelers with information about safe food and water, diseases, insect and arthropod protection, travel medicine clinics, traveling with children and pets, as well as updates on influenza activity and other outbreaks.

Nature: "Cybersecurity for the Traveling Scientist"

Transportation Security Administration: Travel Tips

Health, Safety, and Security Planning

iJET WorldCue Travel Planner (UC Davis-affiliated travelers have access to iJet’s Worldcue Planner, a unique travel planning tool that provides critical travel preparedness information as well as the latest country-specific health, safety, and security intelligence. A UC Davis account is required for access to this service at no-cost.”)

Destination Information

The World Factbook (CIA)


Country-Specific Emergency Services Phone Numbers

AT&T International Dialing Guide


Currency Converter

ATM Locator Worldwide (Visa and MasterCard)

Additional UC Davis Resources

Language Courses

Language Courses: UC Davis Extension

Language Courses: Davis Adult and Community Education

UC Davis Foreign Language Departments


Roadmap: Taking a Sabbatical (University of California)

Benefits Roadmap: Sabbatical Leave (University of California)

Policies: Sabbatical Leaves (UC Davis Academic Affairs)

Leave/Sabbatical Forms (UC Davis Academic Affairs)

Sabbatical Home Rental Service (University Farm Circle)