Visitor Contacts

If a Consul General, President or Vice President of a university or institution is visiting please forward a copy of the Visitor Request Form to Global Affairs at

If the visitor is a Dean or faculty member, please contact the appropriate college or school or unit listed below.

Requests must come directly from a faculty or staff member of the visiting university or institution.

College and Schools

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Mimi Rose, (530) 752-0464,

College of Biological Sciences

College of Engineering

Alin Wakefield, (530) 752-1650,

College of Letters and Science, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts, & Cultural Studies

College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences

Graduate School of Management

Stephanie Young-Birkle, (530) 752-4600,

Graduate Studies

School of Education

Peter Hendricks, (530) 754-9588,

School of Law

School of Medicine

Kendra Harris, (916) 734-8842,

School of Nursing

Stacey Pasco, (916) 734-3612,

School of Veterinary Medicine


Academic Units

Academic Affairs

Academic Senate

Information and Educational Technology

Babette Schmitt, (530) 754-6373,

University Library

Debbie Snapp, (530) 752-3444,

UC Davis Extension

Shelene Anglin, (530) 757-8601,

Global Affairs

Parvin Damania, (530) 754-9707,


Administrative Units

Administrative and Resource Management

Budget and Institutional Analysis

Campus Community Relations

Development and Alumni Relations

Paige Tommeraason, (530) 754-8616,

Human Resources

Intercollegiate Athletics

Internal Audit Services

Mondavi Center

Office of Research

Becky Linvill, (530) 754-7764,

Strategic Communications

Student Affairs

UC Davis Medical Center 

University Police Department

Deborah Douglas-Hammond, (530) 752-1294,