Study Abroad Advisory Committee

Study Abroad Advisory Committee Charge

  1. Advise on development and implementation of comprehensive UC Davis Study Abroad strategic plan to increase participation in study abroad.
  2. Review academic advising policies and procedures with respect to study abroad.
  3. Inform and advise UC Davis Study Abroad management team on addressing institutional challenges to study abroad and other kinds of international experiences.
  4. Facilitate coordination between campus units to address institutional challenges.
  5. Determine how UC Davis Study Abroad can meet the unique needs of students in each college/school.


Deans or a designate (e.g. associate dean) from each college and school of the university, directors or a designate from campus units (Financial Aid, Undergraduate Admissions, Student Affairs), and the management team of UC Davis Study Abroad.

Other campus staff and select faculty with a history of involvement in study abroad will be invited to join meeting/s as needed for consultation on specific topics.

Meeting Schedule 

Once per quarter, 3 times annually.

Committee Membership

Adrienne Martín, Associate Vice Provost, Global Affairs

Andres Resendez, Chair, Committee on International Education (CIE), Academic Senate

Aliki Dragona, Faculty Director, UC Davis Summer Abroad, Faculty Director, UC Davis Quarter Abroad, UC Davis Study Abroad

Fadi Fathallah, Faculty Director, UC Education Abroad Program, Faculty Director, Independent Programs, UC Davis Study Abroad

Zachary Frieders, Director, UC Davis Study Abroad

Jim Forkin, Program Manager, UC Davis Study Abroad

Emily Prieto, Chief of Staff, Student Affairs

Lora Jo Bossio, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Mitsuko Leonard, Director, National/International Recruitment and Evaluation, Admissions

Katherine Green, Student Representative, Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD)

Jan Hopmans, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Susan Ebeler, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Susan Keen, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs, College of Biological Sciences

Sashi Kunnath, Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Pablo Ortiz, Professor, Music Department, Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies, College of Letters and Science

James McClain, Associate Dean, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, College of Letters and Science

David Biale, Professor, History, Division of Social Sciences, College of Letters and Science

Paul Heckman, Associate Dean, School of Education

Patricia Conrad, Associate Dean, Global Programs, School of Veterinary Medicine; One Health: Water, Animals, Food and Society Center, UC Global Health Institute

Beth Greenwood, Associate Dean, School of Law and UC Davis Extension

Nicole Ranganath, Director, Global Study Program, UC Davis Extension

Lili Bynes, Co-Director, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Administrative Support:  Parvin Damania, Administrative Assistant, Global Affairs