2017-18 Faculty and Staff Ambassadors

Connecting UC Davis Worldwide

The Global Affairs Faculty and Staff Ambassadors Program connects UC Davis faculty and staff with partner institutions, alumni and supporters around the world to strengthen existing partnerships, open doors for new connections, and foster research, academic, and professional opportunities.

Professor Paul Hastings at conference with colleagues
Professor Paul Hastings (fourth from right) with colleagues at a conference hosted by Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Chile.

2017-18 Faculty and Staff Ambassadors

Julie A. Auger

Executive Director, Research Core Facilities Program, Office of Research
Bonn, Germany

Yannis Dafalias

Distinguished Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
Athens, Greece

Janet Foley

Professor, Medicine and Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine
Mexico City, Mexico

Paul Hastings

Professor, Psychology, College of Letters and Science
Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile 

Lovell (Tu) Jarvis

Agricultural and Resource Economics, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Souvik Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine
Calcutta, India

Andrea Schneider

Assistant Research Scientist, Pediatrics, School of Medicine
Berlin, Germany

Andres Sciolla

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Psychiatry, School of Medicine
Various cities, Chile

Joseph Sorensen

Associate Professor of Japanese, East Asian Languages and Culture, College of Letters and Science
Kyoto, Japan

Robert Wiener

Continuing Lecturer, Community and Regional Development, College of Agricultural and Environmental Studies
Uppsala, Sweden

Min Zhao

Professor, Dermatology, School of Medicine
United Kingdom