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Welcoming new 3+X students to UC Davis

Forging an academic partnership with Zhejiang University

In 2010 UC Davis and Zhejiang University launched a new graduate student academic partnership "The 3+X Master's Degree Program."

Selected undergraduate students who have completed at least three years of their coursework at Zhejiang University may apply for a non-thesis Master's degree program at UC Davis. Students accepted into the program will spend a quarter of their final year of their undergraduate experience with UC Davis Extension's Global Study Program. Following successful completion of their Global Study Program and upon receipt of their bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University, they may enroll in the Master's program at UC Davis to which they were previously accepted.

Participating Master's degrees (non-thesis) offered by UC Davis:

  • Agricultural and Resource Economics (M.S.)
  • Biological Systems Engineering (M. Engr.)
  • Chemical Engineering (M.S.)
  • Child Development (M.S.)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (M.S.)
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering (M.S.)
  • Food Science (M.S.)
  • Hydrologic Sciences (M.S.)
  • International Agricultural Development (M.S.)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (M. Engr.)
  • Transportation Technology and Policy (M.S.)

The lead offices for this partnership include Global Affairs and the Office of Graduate Studies.

This innovative program will allow UC Davis to engage with the best students from one of the top research universities in China.

For more information

Office of Graduate Studies: Zhejiang University 3+X Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Linxia Liang, Director, Asian International Programs, Global Affairs, (530) 754-8945, lxliang@ucdavis.edu

Brian J. Gallagher, Office of Graduate Studies, gradinternational@ucdavis.edu


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