Global Centers

Expanding our Global Engagement

A Vision for Global Engagement

UC Davis Global Affairs is committed to strengthening and enhancing the university’s global and international research, education and engagement efforts globally. Our Global Centers initiative was developed with input from faculty and administrators across campus to:

  • address the challenges facing humankind through collaborative international research and developmental efforts that leverage UC Davis strengths, including in areas related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals;
  • support region-specific strategies that leverage existing and emerging international partnerships and collaborations;
  • engage the UC Davis community, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters beyond the boundaries of the university; and
  • expand the international collaborations and partnerships of UC Davis in alignment with the university’s mission and strategic goals, while increasing the visibility and reputation of the university.

Once fully developed, Global Centers will serve as hubs that link UC Davis to the world, providing more seamless mobility for faculty and students. Global Centers also leverage UC Davis expertise in areas such as agriculture, food security, alternative energy, One Health, and our areas of excellence in humanities and social sciences to provide global learning and research opportunities that benefit both UC Davis and the global community. 

Potential opportunities through Global Centers include facilitating collaborative research for UC Davis faculty, offering a venue for alumni gatherings or student recruitment, or serving as a hub to support UC Davis activities throughout the region.

Global Centers Roadmap

UC Davis faculty from across disciplines and academic units have identified regional strategies to:

  • leverage and strengthen established UC Davis and other University of California presences in Latin America and the Caribbean and in Africa;
  • develop new UC Davis regional hubs in strategic locations in Asia and the Pacific and in Europe; and
  • identify potential new UC Davis hubs in strategic locations in Asia and the Pacific and in Europe.

Leveraging faculty involvement and leadership along with aligning Global Centers with UC Davis strengths and partnerships are both critical to this strategy.

Global Centers for Latin America and the Caribbean

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