2016 Mandela Washington Fellows


Miyir Mohamed Abdillahi

Interim Director, Djiboutian Energy Management Agency
Head of Regulation Service, Directorate of Energy

Miyir Mohamed has over five years of experience in the energy sector. He is a specialist of renewable energy, specifically solar, wind, and geothermal, and energy efficiency. He is currently the interim director of the Djiboutian Energy Management Agency (ADME), which plays a critical role in reducing energy use and increasing the use of clean energy. The main objective of the Agency is to promote and support the government and households in decreasing their electricity bills by 50% by incorporating energy-saving projects. He also works within the Directorate of Energy as the head of regulation service. Miyir is in charge of the development and implementation of a new law focused on the liberalization of the electricity sector, specifically in the production of electricity.


Fatima Oyiza Ademoh

Project Manager, US African Development Foundation
Founder, Ajima Youth Empowerment Foundation

Fatima Oyiza Ademoh is the founder of Ajima Youth Empowerment Foundation and has over five years of experience in business development, entrepreneurship, agribusiness, and more recently, the energy sector. Fatima is currently the project manager for the US African Development Foundation-funded off-grid energy project implemented by Ajima Farm in Nigeria. She is an entrepreneurship and finance lecturer at Baze University in Abuja, is a volunteer for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP), where she mentors TEEP finalists across Africa during their entrepreneurial training. Fatima holds a BSc in Finance from American University of Nigeria and an MSc in Financial Risk Management from the University of Leeds, UK. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Fatima plans to scale up the Ajima Farm’s off-grid energy project to promote access to energy services for rural off-grid communities and agribusinesses.


Fadekunayo Adeniyi

Renewable Energy Project Developer

Fadekunayo Adeniyi has over two years' experience as a renewable energy project developer focusing on solar PV projects. He started project development with the 50 MW ABIBA solar PV project in Kaduna State, Nigeria. The ABIBA project won the $5 million fund at the 2015 Africa Energy Forum in Dubai where he was part of the two-man team that represented the project. Fadekunayo also led the development work on the 300 MW Shiroro solar project for North South Power (NSP) Company. The Shiroro project is going to be the first solar-hydro hybrid of its size in Africa. He spends his spare time educating the youth about renewable energy. On return to Nigeria, he'll commence the development of his many projects. Fadekunayo has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Plymouth, and a Master of Science in Renewable Energy from the University of Durham.


Stelvia Conceição José Agostinho

Postgraduate Student

Stelvia is an electromechanical engineer with six years of professional experience. She is currently doing her postgraduate in project management, which she will complete by October 2016. Until January 2016, she worked at Odebrecht, where she was responsible for the mechanical workshop of the Cacuaco community, responsible for predictive maintenance including Odebrecht Angola fluid analysis laboratory. She was also spokesperson for the company, in particular for the disclosure of Odebrecht's award for sustainable development in media. Stelvia also has experience as a university professor and human resource assistant at the Oscar Ribas University. After her participation in the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she would like to take part in project management and to be comprehensive in areas of support to the Angolan authorities, whether private or state forums, and those linked to the United Nations in order to effectively promote sustainable development.


Prosper Ahmed Amuquandoh

Inspector, Ghana Energy Commission
CEO, Smart and Green Energy Group

Prosper Ahmed Amuquandoh has over four years of experience in the energy sector, particularly in the science, engineering, economics, policy, and regulatory aspects of renewable energy. Currently, Prosper is an inspector at the Ghana Energy Commission, where he leads the enforcement of regulations in Ghana's electricity and renewable energy sectors. He is also the CEO of the Smart and Green Energy Group, an energy management firm. Prosper graduated from the University of Ghana with a first class honors in Physics and Computer Science. He proceeded to the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics and the University of Trieste (both in Trieste, Italy) for his postgraduate training in Theoretical Physics. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Prosper plans to continue the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies, as well as play a central role in the development of a sustainable electricity market in Ghana and West Africa.


Maame Tabuah Ankoh

Team Leader, Bui Hydropower Station
Founder, Sum Nyame 

Maame Tabuah Ankoh has over nine years of experience in infrastructure development. She is presently the team leader for dams monitoring and the safety unit of the Bui Hydropower Station and has been involved in the development of the Bui Hydro Project and other energy projects in the country. She is the founder of the Sum Nyame nonprofit, which uses science and technology as a tool for sustainable development in rural communities. Maame is passionate about sustainable energy and getting more girls into the STEM field. She holds a BSc in Civil Engineering and master's degree in Renewable Energy Technologies. After the Fellowship she intends to continue with the work she is doing by introducing new and beneficial programs for her immediate communities. She also intends to build up experience and network as an energy sector specialist in Africa as she plans on running her own sustainable energy firm.


Adele Boadzo

Project Manager
Founder, Hope Rises Solar
South Africa

Adele Boadzo is a clean energy activist and solar entrepreneur with over five years' experience in Africa's energy sector. She is passionate about delivering clean energy projects to electrify the continent and is currently a project manager at a South African solar PV company. Adele is an avid researcher and has authored research papers focused on bringing about innovation in the development of biogas, wind, and solar technologies. She is also the founder of Hope Rises Solar, an organization that empowers women to distribute and install solar technologies to transform their communities. Adele holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. Upon completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she will continue her work in growing Africa's renewable energy sector, while building Hope Rises Solar into a top organization that brings light and clean energy to Africa's darkest countries.


Eder Shamir Borges Lopes Semedo

Junior Program Officer, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
Cabo Verde

Eder Semedo has over four years of experience in the clean energy sector, particularly in renewable energy. Currently, Eder is a junior program officer on project development and financing at the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. There he focuses on technical assistance for renewable energy projects in West African countries, as well as managing grant initiatives for small-scale clean energy projects. Eder is also a member of the Global Shapers Community, where he is implementing projects targeting elementary schools in his local community. He is a member of the oard of a soccer club is his city, and part-time sports analyst. Eder holds a master's degree in Energy and Bioenergy from the NOVA University of Lisbon. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to contribute towards his country's ambitious 100% renewable energy by 2030 target as a public manager in the clean energy sector.


Admore Samuel Chiumia

Coordinator, Renewable Malawi
Owner, Lowosi Electrical and Energy Services Company

Admore Chiumia holds a degree in Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) from Mzuzu University, Malawi, and certificates in Project Management, and Monitoring and Evaluation. He has over four years' experience in RETs in areas of research, business, and entrepreneurship. He works as a coordinator with Renewable Malawi in the SE4All project, where he coordinates civil-society awareness, advocacy, and the implementation of energy hubs. These are rural off-grid systems which community-based organizations are trained to operate for business activities like barbering, phone-charging, renting solar lights, making briquettes, and broadcasting videos and soccer. Admore also owns Lowosi Electrical and Energy Services Company, which sells solar lights at affordable prices, and designs and installs RET systems. Upon completion of Fellowship, Admore wants to continue selling Pico solar products and conducting research and development. He aims to continue designing, installing and assessing the market of RET systems to spearhead appropriate technology transfer in Malawian communities.


Boubacar Dieme

Co-Founder, Yeelen

Bouba Dieme is the MD and co-founder of Yeelen, an energy service company that aims to unlock access to energy and optimize energy services in Africa. Bouba is a technology and business professional with extensive expertise and exposure in energy and information and communication technology strategic planning, management, and technology innovation. After being awarded a Mali bursary for excellence, Bouba completed a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pretoria, and a further Master'of Management, specializing in technology and innovation, with a focus on cloud-computing businesses. He gained valuable experience in South Africa, working for and consulting with leading blue-chip companies. He has founded and worked with several youth initiatives focused on peacebuilding and youth development. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he will continue with his business venture while contributing to the advancement of the ecosystem for more growth, jobs and better delivery of services.


Mashangao Iongwa

Social Entrepreneurial Leader and Development Specialist
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Iongwa Mashangao is a social entrepreneurial leader and development specialist. He has over seven years of experience developing and managing business models for the Base of Pyramid Customers in East and Central Africa. In 2007, he co-founded IED, an innovation initiative that provides business-development services to promising young people on their entrepreneurial leadership journey so they can become catalysts for peace, prosperity, and democracy in the DRC. In 2013, he co-founded Alternative Energy Technologies Distribution Company and Maize Production and Processing Line Company. Iongwa is a 2014 Westerwelle Foundation Fellow, a 2015 IVLP US Exchange Program Fellow, a YALI Regional Center East Africa alumnae, and 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit DRC 2015 delegate. He holds a BA in Education and an MA in Development Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and a Business and Entrepreneurship certificate from Kenyatta University, Kenya.


James Kakeeto

CEO, Creation Energy

For the past eight years, James Kakeeto has worked in the area of energy access, managing and developing sustainable enterprise-based projects aimed at increasing access to modern energy in communities. He has skills and experience in climate change, including carbon markets, developing and monitoring emission-reduction projects under various financing mechanisms. Currently, James is the CEO of Creation Energy, a company he founded in 2010 with the mission of promoting the use of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. The company is involved in the provision of renewable energy and energy-efficient products and services. James has a bachelor's degree in Economics from Makerere University, where he focused on Environmental and Resource Economics. He has also done various sector-specific courses in energy and climate change. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, James plans to continue promoting renewable energy, and climate change.


Carolyn Jepkosgei Kipsang

Drilling Engineer, Olkaria Geothermal Field

Carolyn Kipsang has over seven years of experience in the drilling industry in the energy sector. Currently Carolyn works as a drilling engineer for Olkaria Geothermal Field, which is owned by Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen). Carolyn holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Project Planning and Management from the University of Nairobi. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Carolyn plans to continue her work in the energy sector with a focus on geothermics.


Dysmus Kombo Kisilu

Co-founder, Solar Freeze
Rural Solar

Dysmus Kisilu is a 'fearless influencer' working with smallholder farmers in rural Kenya to reduce post-harvest losses through the use of innovative, solar-powered cold-storage solutions. As a co-founder of Solar Freeze, Dysmus endeavors to tackle post-harvest food loss, a challenge that accounts for an estimated 45% of food going bad. In five years' time, Solar Freeze aims to have made an impact on the lives of smallholder farmers via affordable solar-powered storage. This will create jobs for women, who will comprise 80% of its workforce, and contribute towards the reduction of global warming. The Mandela Washington Fellowship is an exciting opportunity to network with fellow young leaders as well as American trendsetters.


Paubert Mahatante

PhD Candidate, Toliara University

Mahatante Paubert has over nine years of experience in various roles in fishery management, environment, leadership and society, and physical and biological oceanography. Currently, Paubert presides over the Regional Platform of Civil Society Organizations in southwestern Madagascar, where more than 270 NGO and associations members focus on promoting good governance, environment, gender, health, education and culture, sustainable development and human rights in Madagascar. He teaches environmental impact assessment and climate change adaptation at the Toliara University, Madagascar. Paubert will be awarded his PhD in Applied Oceanography from the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Institute of Toliara University Madagascar in 2016. He is a researcher on environment and physical and biological oceanography. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Paubert plans to continue his work developing projects on fishery, wind and solar energy, and desalinization in southern Madagascar to save people from poverty and famine.


Mizan Welderufael Massa

Automated Meter-Reading Lead, Ethiopian Electric Utility

Mizan Welderufael has over eight years of experience in the electrical power sector. She currently serves as automated meter-reading lead at the Ethiopian Electric Utility, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program management office, where she manages the installation of automated energy meters on the outgoing feeders of substations. Prior to her ERP office, she worked in the Energy Management department as energy portfolio and logistics manager. She also worked for about four years as a system operation engineer at the National Load Dispatch Center of Ethiopia. Mizan received her degree in Electrical Engineering from Addis Ababa University, and is currently doing the thesis for her post-grad in Electrical Power Engineering. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship, she plans to open her own business that fills the gaps related to power quality and reliability, energy efficiency, energy audit, and micro-grids that can improve access to electricity in Ethiopia.


Lucretia Mbogba

Development Planning Officer, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
Sierra Leone

Lucretia Mbogba thrives in the area of sustainable rural development, and has over four years’ experience in local public service delivery, including energy; water sanitation and hygiene; and women, youth and child advocacy. Lucretia is currently the Bonthe District development planning officer at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. She coordinates, monitors, and evaluates all planning activities to ensure that the development partners operating within her jurisdiction harmonize and reflect the District Development Plan. This, in turn, must conform to the National Development goals in the President's Agenda for Prosperity. Lucretia is also founder of Sinnava Solar Kiosk, a community-based organization providing clean, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions for off-grid communities. After the Fellowship, Lucretia plans to continue working in rural development, with a focus on increasing public-private partnerships for sustainable local service delivery. Lucretia holds a postgraduate diploma in Project Management and a master's in Public Administration.


Seeng Mulwa

Marketing Manager, Mokolodi Nature Reserve

Seeng Sarah B Mulwa is an environmental and energy-development expert with five years' experience in the field of environmental management, water resources, energy development, and conservation. Currently, Seeng is the marketing manager for a nonprofit organisation called Mokolodi Nature Reserve, where her focus is on promoting efforts of wildlife conservation and environmental education for sustainable development. She also volunteers as a translator for URIDU, which aims to empower rural women in developing countries by providing vital information in their local languages so they can change their living conditions. Seeng holds a master's in Science in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary, and a bachelor's in Environmental Science from the University of Botswana. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to develop an online energy database for Botswana, which the Draft National Energy Policy outlines as a constraint against the implementation of the Integrated Energy Plan.


Dennis Mwendwa

Executive Chairman, Oil, Natural Gas & Environmental Alliance (ONGEA)
The United Republic of Tanzania

Dennis Mwendwa has over eight years experience in the civil society sector. For the past six years he has been working as an executive chairman for the Oil, Natural Gas and Environmental Alliance (ONGEA), a network of civil society organizations focusing on managing oil and gas resources with an emphasis on transparency, accountability, local participation, and environmental management, amongst other aspects. Dennis graduated from the University of Dar es Salaam in 2007 with a BA, and has a postgraduate diploma in Petroleum Policy and Resource Management from Stavanger, Norway. Dennis is a member of the Tanzania Extractive Industries Transparency Initiatives multi-stakeholders group (MSG). He is also a PETRAD fellow with the Natural Resources Governance Institute (NRGI). Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Dennis plans to continue his advocacy work in the extractive sector with a new focus on energy.


Tshegofatso Neeuwfan

Senior Advisor, Eskom
South Africa

Tshegofatso Neeuwfan has six years of experience working in the South African electricity supply industry. He started his career as a project engineer and now works as a senior advisor at South Africa's national power utility company. Chief among Tshegofatso's responsibilities is developing and implementing a gas-to-power strategy that forms part of his company's intention to reduce emissions and introduce flexible capacity that can partner with renewables. Outside of the work context, he is the coordinator of a boys'; mentorship program that aims to expose boys from underprivileged backgrounds to positive role models, experiences, and information. Tshegofatso earned a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pretoria. After completing the Fellowship he aims to return to South Africa to play a leading role, and partner with other roleplayers in the expansion of access to affordable energy to communities in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).


Beatrice Muthoni Ngugi

Consulting Project Engineer, KTDA Power

Beatrice Muthoni has over nine years' engineering experience, with the last five years focused on renewable energy. Currently, Beatrice is a consulting project engineer with KTDA Power, where she implements several renewable-energy projects, including small hydro-power plants and solar-power plants. These projects will optimize the power costs for the KTDA-managed tea factories in Kenya, thereby improving the earnings and livelihood of more than 500,000 small-scale tea farmers in Kenya. Beatrice is an experienced project manager and has a master's degree in Business Administration specializing in Strategic Management. After the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Beatrice will complete her ongoing projects as she engages with stakeholders to actualize the Power Africa initiative. She will develop a network of local experts with financial, technical, and other necessary skills for the energy sector in Kenya.


Paul Nkumbula

Project Coordinator, Kafita Cooperative Society

Paul Nkumbula has over five years of experience working in the rural communities of Zambia at technical and management levels in various sectors: water, technology, agriculture, and renewable energy. Currently, Paul is a project coordinator for the Kafita Cooperative Society, where he manages the operations of the Mpanta Solar Mini Grid Project, as well as other agricultural productive activities. He also volunteers in his community through mobilizing funds for women's groups and does computer training for students in local primary schools. Paul holds a diploma in Accounting from the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants where he focused on sustainable development and how innovation can contribute to the ending of poverty in rural Zambia. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Paul plans to continue his work in ensuring that rural communities, with a special focus on women, have access to sustainable energy regardless of their social and economic status.


Olakunle Owoeye

National Expert in Energy Management Systems, Nigerian Industries (EnMSIN)
Consultant, GFA Germany

Olakunle Owoeye is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur, and sustainable energy (energy efficiency and renewable energy) evangelist with five years of hands-on experience. Olakunle is currently the national expert in energy-management systems in Nigerian industries (EnMSIN) based on ISO 50001 and is a consultant to GFA Germany on the Nigerian Energy-Support Program. Olakunle co-founded Nigeria's premier energy-management company, solving energy challenges in the country including high energy costs, inadequate power generation, poor power quality, and energy insecurity. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship and especially having developed his capacity in energy development at the University of California, Davis he will be at the forefront of alleviating energy poverty in Nigeria and supporting global efforts on the climate change agenda.


Tanoh Ghislan Tanoh

Economist-Statistician Engineer, National Company of Energy of Cote d'Ivoire (CI-ENERGIES)
Cote d'Ivoire

Tanoh Ghislain is a young engineer who has worked for the past four years in the various fields of energy, textiles, banking, oil, and community commitment. Currently, Ghislain works as economist-statistician engineer in the National Company of Energy of Cote d'Ivoire (CI-ENERGIES), where he takes part to the Conception of Preliminary Design Paper and terms references for the building of electrical infrastructures, as well as carrying out regular statistical analysis on the electricity sector.Ghislain also uses his experience to get involved in community life by participating in seminars and exchanges with students at his former schools, and helping newcomers integrate into both university life and professional life. As a Mandela Washington Fellow, he expects to come back full of ideas and skills. He aims to add value to the sustainable progress of the electricity sector through formulating better energy policies and better planning of investment in the electricity infrastructures.


Yves Tuyishime

Energy Specialist, Rwanda Development Board (RDB)
Founding Member, Rwanda Green Initiative

Yves Tuyishime is an economist with over five years of experience in renewable energy and climate change. Currently, he is the energy specialist for the Rwanda Development Board (RDB, www.rdb.rw), an independent and influential government institution whose mission is to fast-track economic development in Rwanda. At RDB, Yves is responsible for investment promotion in the energy sector to attract local and foreign private investments. In the community, Yves is a founding member of Rwanda Green Initiative, a youth NGO focused on climate change, and has been very active in different youth networks on climate change at local and international level. Yves holds a Master of Science in Economics from the University of Rwanda, and he is fluent in both English and French. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Yves plans to continue his work at RDB and in his community.