Excellence in Teaching in Study Abroad Awards

Faculty and students during Study Abroad in Nepal

Excellence in Teaching in Study Abroad Awards

Students who have participated in UC Davis Study Abroad programs frequently describe their time abroad as one of the most meaningful experiences of their undergraduate education. Instructors who design and teach UC Davis Study Abroad Programs make these experiences possible. Teaching a study abroad program places demands on instructors that exceed the typical requirements of classroom teaching on campus.

This Excellence in Teaching in Study Abroad Award recognizes the dedication of instructors who design and teach Study Abroad programs and make international experience accessible to UC Davis students. 


All UC Davis instructors who are members of the Academic Senate or Academic Federation, who have taught a UC Davis Study Abroad program, and who have not previously won the award are eligible. Candidates should have taught a UC Davis Study Abroad program for at least three years. 

Characteristics of Excellence in Teaching in Study Abroad

The award committee suggests that nomination letters consider the following characteristics (this list is suggestive, not exhaustive):

  • Original development and design of an academically rigorous Study Abroad program.
    • Priority will be given to candidates who develop and teach their Study Abroad program. However, program development is not a requirement; i.e. faculty members teaching established Study Abroad programs are also eligible.
  • Program logistics, organization, planning and structure.
  • Enriching the classroom experience by making use of the location and/or its unique resources. 
  • Facilitating students’ engagement with the culture and people of the host country. Helping students develop intercultural competencies and connections. 
  • Responsiveness and concern for the education and welfare of students. Response to crises arising during the program.
  • Advising and mentoring in terms of the academic activities, career objectives, and personal welfare of students.


Awardees receive a one-time honorarium of $1,500.


The call for nominations is announced by the Academic Senate once a year. Nominations are sought from:

  • students and alumni who have participated in UC Davis Study Abroad programs;
  • UC Davis faculty;
  • onsite coordinators for UC Davis Study Abroad programs; and
  • staff and administrators involved in undergraduate advising and Study Abroad.

The members of the selection committee will review all nominees and will select two awardees: one member of the Academic Senate and one member of the Academic Federation. 

Nominating Materials

Nomination packages should include the following: 

  • One nomination letter that should not exceed one page in length.
  • Nominators may also submit two letters of recommendation, each containing no more than 1,200 words.
    • One letter is written by a student or alumnus who has been a direct beneficiary of the candidate's teaching. This letter should contain the student perspective and reference excellence in terms of lecture/presentation, course organization, innovation, student advising, mentoring, supervision of individual and group projects, etc. This letter may be written by one or more current or former students.
    • The other letter is written by a faculty or staff member involved in student advising or Study Abroad who is familiar with the nominee's teaching and qualifications for the award. This letter should document a longer-term perspective on the nominee's contributions to Study Abroad. This letter may be written by one or more faculty or staff members.
  • Teaching evaluations for Study Abroad programs taught by the nominee for three years. (These will be provided by Study Abroad upon receipt of a nomination).
  • Program descriptions and syllabi for Study Abroad programs designed and taught. (These will be provided by Study Abroad upon receipt of a nomination).


Please submit nomination packages by February 1, 2019 to Elizabeth Langridge-Noti, director of faculty engagement in Global Affairs, at elangridge@ucdavis.edu and Jennie Konsella-Norene, assistant director of global professional programs in Global Affairs, at jknorene@ucdavis.edu.


The award announcement will be officially made at Global Affairs' International Connections Reception on March 7, 2019, 4–6 p.m. at the UC Davis International Center’s Multipurpose Room. 

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