UC Davis and Arab Region Consortium

UCDAR seminar at International Center

Partnering with Arab Region Universities on Interdisciplinary Research

Founded in 2001 by Suad Joseph, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, the UC Davis Arab Region (UCDAR) Consortium brings together the University of California, Davis, and five Arab region universities.

  • American University of Beirut - Lebanon
  • American University in Cairo - Egypt
  • American University of Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
  • Birzeit University - Palestine
  • Lebanese American University - Lebanon
  • University of California, Davis - United States

The Consortium encourages partnerships between the six universities, facilitates collaborative research projects across all fields, and pursues various multilateral initiatives. The meaning of "dar" in Arabic is house, which is significant in illustrating the values of UCDAR in bringing these universities and related research together within one consortium.

Key Initiatives

Gender and Women's Studies Initiative

The Gender and Women’s Studies Initiative supports the continued development of gender and women’s studies across the Arab region—aiming to create a model for regional educational innovation and collaboration and to foster transformative networks for gender equality and social justice.

Led by a group of internationally-recognized scholars from UCDAR partnering universities, the initiative engages in collaborative projects that connect academics, policymakers, practitioners, and activists in civil society around critical gender and women’s issues.

Water, Energy, Food Nexus Project

Water, energy and food security is an urgent concern—both globally and locally—and there is a critical need for a nexus approach that recognizes the inter-relationship between these resources.

UCDAR Consortium researchers have been exploring opportunities to leverage individual work on the intersections of water, energy and food with the goal of decreasing waste in harvesting, processing, and consuming food—areas of research relevant to both the Arab region and to California.

Feminism and STEM

Launched by a Global Affairs Seed Grant, the UCDAR Feminism and STEM is an innovative initiative that develops research projects and strategies to strengthen gender equality in STEM academic environments in the Arab region. The goals of the project are:

  • To develop collaborative, interdisciplinary feminist research projects between UC Davis and Arab region feminist STEM scholars
  • To integrate feminist frameworks into STEM research and scholarship
  • To increase gender equality for women in STEM fields

This initiative fills the need to explore the gendered dimensions of STEM scholarship, how feminist frameworks could be applied to STEM fields, and the climate and leadership opportunities for women in STEM disciplines as faculty and students in the Arab region.

Mental Health Support for Refugees and Vulnerable Populations

This pilot project for Arab countries that are directly affected by the Syrian refugee crisis develops a culturally-sensitive, gender-sensitive training program in refugee mental health, telemedicine, health informatics, and mobile health for doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors; medical, nursing, and public health students; refugee community health workers; and refugees.

Responding to the vast need for health and psycho-social services in Syria and surrounding countries, the project will collect needed data through research, and develop and implement training, to provide critical mental health care for both refugees and other vulnerable populations, incorporating cultural and gender understanding and sensitivity throughout.

Contact Information

For more information, including project and steering committee details, please visit the UCDAR Consortium website.