Global Education for All

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Preparing Students to Succeed in an Interconnected World

As our world becomes more interconnected, our job market becomes more global, our knowledge crosses more boundaries, and our well-being relies upon interdependence—so, too, must the education of our students. 

UC Davis is embarking on Global Education for All, an ambitious goal to provide 100% of students—undergraduate, graduate and professional—with international or intercultural learning experiences before graduation, preparing them to succeed in this global job market and interconnected world

UC Davis Global Ambassadors at International Education Week
UC Davis Global Ambassadors during a special "Global Engagement Mondays" event as a part of International Education Week, which has been celebrated on campus for more than 15 years.

What Does Global Education for All Mean?

UC Davis is building on the university’s growing international experiences and rich regional diversity to provide vital intercultural preparation and global education to all UC Davis students. Global Education for All aims provide students with a variety of experiences tailored to their interests, skills and aspirations, including:

  • Internships and domestic experiences that have global footprints
  • Research and classroom learning opportunities that employ virtual international collaboration
  • Service and experiential learning that crosses academic and geographic boundaries

The benefits are twofold. Students gain life-shaping experiences and valuable critical thinking and professional skills that set them apart from other graduates. Simultaneously, urgent global environmental, public health, social and economic challenges, among others, are met with solutions.

Pathways to a Global Education

Multidimensional pathways provide flexibility and access for UC Davis’ entire student community:

  • Academics
    • Internationalized academic curricula
    • Expanded study abroad and away opportunities
    • And more
  • Experience
    • New global research avenues
    • Increased service learning, internships and externships
    • And more
  • Living and Leading
    • Global living and learning communities
    • Enhanced co-curricular and on-campus programming
    • And more

Whether undergraduate, graduate, professional, domestic or international, all UC Davis students will have opportunities to tap existing skills and develop new ones that will help them succeed in their personal, academic and professional lives.

UC Davis Study Abroad students presenting in Nepal
UC Davis and Nepalese university students presenting their projects during the inaugural Seminar Abroad in Nepal, which took place in the winter of 2017-18.

How to Get Involved

Through the university’s “Big Ideas” initiative, which brought nearly 200 collaborators together in submitting their transformational, forward-thinking ideas, Global Education for All was selected among 13 ideas as finalists in early 2017.

As we educate the next generation of global problem-solvers—and identify supporters of key resources ranging from student research and scholarship support to a vibrant campus hub for global education—we invite alumni, community members and supporters to partner with us in ensuring every student has the opportunity to receive a global education.

To learn more about giving opportunities, please see our Global Affairs Giving page or the UC Davis Big Ideas page.

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