Resources and Tips for Healthy Travels

UC Davis Global Affairs considers the health of university travelers of critical importance. Below are some general tips, as well as a variety of vital health-related resources, to assist you in trip planning.

Travel Health Tips

  • Research your destination before you travel

    • Learn about food/water safety, as well as disease outbreaks that may be occurring, especially in the wake of severe storms and flooding
  • Obtain required and recommended immunizations, vaccinations, and prophylactic treatments

    • Plan this well in advance to traveling to your destination
  • Know where the nearest health facilities and U.S. embassy or consulate are located at your destination

    • If possible, drive or walk by these facilities to familiarize yourself with their locations and entrances

  • Engage friends and colleagues who have traveled to your destination previously or who are originally from there

    • Ask questions about health, food, and water considerations, as well as the quality of medical care

  • Be aware of local laws and regulations regarding the importation of medicine

    • This is especially important for medications that are commonly controlled

Travel Health Resources

  • Ensure that your trip is registered

    • Gain access to receive critical, location-specific travel health alerts from WorldAware, the University’s risk management and private intelligence partner

    • WorldAware travel alerts contain valuable information to mitigate a traveler’s exposure to a broad spectrum of disruptive health, safety, security, weather, and general transportation events
    • See more information regarding trip registration
  • Research your destination with the WorldCue® Traveler/Planner

    • This unique service is offered free of charge to UC Davis travelers and contains a wealth of country-specific health, safety, security, cultural, political, transportation, communications, legal, financial, and weather information and guidance

  • UC Davis employees are encouraged to make an appointment with the UC Davis Travel Medicine Clinic

    • Travel Medicine Program offers free immunizations/vaccinations and a travel health report to UC Davis employees

    • Schedule an appointment before traveling by calling 530-752-6051
  • Consult the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travel webpage

    • See country-specific health information, as well as guidance on required/recommended vaccines and immunizations

    • CDC also maintains a list of current, country-specific health alerts on its Travel Health Notices webpage
  • Consult the CDC’s and the U.S. Department of State's Zika virus webpages

    • If planning travel to Central/South America, the Caribbean, or Africa

  • Consult the CDC’s webpage on yellow fever

    • If planning travel to countries around equatorial Africa and South/Central America

    • Note: A shortage of yellow fever vaccine in the U.S. is expected to last into mid-2018

More Information

UC Davis travelers with questions or concerns about health abroad are encouraged to contact Global Affairs at (530) 752-4129 or