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Trip Registration and Travel Insurance

Travel Registration and Insurance Information

Trip Registration

Per UC Davis policy (PPM 300-32, International Travel), international travel on university business must be registered. Trip registration takes less than a minute and affords UC Davis travelers a number of benefits including:

  • Customized, location-specific alerts to mitigate disruption to travel plans
  • Access to valuable travel insurance and emergency contact information
  • Timely assistance, including emergency evacuation, in the event of a crisis

Note: Travel booked via AggieTravel/Connexxus is automatically registered and a separate registration is not required. Travel booked outside of AggieTravel/Connexxus must be registered.

Once your trip is registered, you will receive an email from Worldcue® Traveler. All travelers are strongly encouraged to complete their Worldcue® travel profile, to include updating emergency and travel contact information, as well as customizing travel alert settings.

In addition to automatic registration, AggieTravel/Connexxus grants UC Davis travelers access to discounted fares, more flexible booking classes, and a number of other travel perks.

Additionally, UC Davis personnel may register personal travel to receive customized, location-specific travel alerts. 

Register Your Trip

Travel Insurance

UC Davis employees (and their companions) traveling on university business are covered 24 hours a day, worldwide, for a variety of contingencies. Once your trip is registered, you receive a “Welcome” email that includes access to your insurance card as well as critical emergency contact information.

AXA Assistance, a leading global travel and medical assistance provider, serves all University of California travelers when they travel outside the U.S. for UC-affiliated purposes. For an overview of AXA Assistance services please reference the AXA Overview. Additional services included in the AXA Assistance coverage are Global Teleconsultations and Remote Behavioral Health Crisis Consult.

Global Teleconsultation

UC international travelers can receive the medical care they need without having to step outside. The use of communication technology allows AXA to optimize global medical care and provide 24/7 access to teleconsultation services for UC travelers.

Medical teleconsultation enables travelers to have a healthcare experience via video consult using the ‘Doctor Please!’ mobile app or over a phone call. For minor ailments and conditions, licensed medical providers offer medical advice, treatment options, assistance with prescription refills and provider referrals when needed.

Remote Behavioral Health Crisis Consult

AXA helps international travelers by providing emergency access to U.S. Ph.D. and master’s level mental health professionals by phone for psychological support, crisis intervention and stabilization. The AXA medical team will work in coordination with the mental health provider to find appropriate continued care, whether that be a referral to a local counselor, or to facilitate hospitalization or repatriation when necessary. This service is intended to provide immediate support and transition to appropriate continued care, with a limit of three remote sessions per case while the appropriate follow-up treatment is being arranged.

COVID-19 Coverage

AXA Assistance will cover COVID-19 related medical expenses. This includes care if the traveler does get sick during their travel but will not cover testing. Additionally, quarantine is no longer a trigger in the Trip Delay benefit. It is now a stand-alone benefit for up to $2,000 of eligible expenses. For the quarantine coverage to apply the isolation or quarantine must be a requirement of a medical provider or government. If the traveler isolates as a precaution but is not required by a medical provider or government it is likely to not be covered by the insurance policy.

Employee and Student Benefit Summary

Employee Benefit Summary

Student Benefit Summary

Travel Insurance Coverage for Personal Travel

UC Davis personnel have the opportunity to purchase insurance coverage for their personal travel at nominal rates. Personal travel coverage includes many of the same benefits and services of the University of California’s business travel insurance policy.

More Information

UC Davis travelers with general travel security questions are encouraged to contact Global Affairs at (530) 752-4129 or

For questions regarding the university’s travel insurance program, contact UC Davis Risk Management at or UC Davis Global Affairs at (530) 752-4129.