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Communications Tips and Resources for Safe Travels

Reliable and redundant communications capabilities are critical to ensuring a safe and productive trip. Global Affairs is committed to providing general tips, as well as communications-related travel resources, to assist you in trip planning.

Travel Communications Tips

  • Research cellular and data plans, coverage areas, and country/local dialing procedures at your destination

    • Often, purchasing a SIM card or renting a phone in-country is the most cost-effective and reliable approach

  • Establish regular check-in times and procedures with family, friends, colleagues, and employers

  • Have a land line phone connection available, where possible

    • Know local, long-distance, and international dialing procedures, which may differ from mobile phone dialing procedures
  • Save emergency phone numbers

    • Program local emergency services, the nearest U.S. embassy/consulate, local friends/colleagues into your phone before you travel

    • Memorize local emergency numbers
    • Keep hard copies of emergency numbers in a wallet, purse, and in your hotel/residence
  • Keep your mobile phone and computer charged

    • Consider purchasing a spare or external battery

  • Conduct a series of test phone calls, emails, and text messages, once you arrive at your destination

    • Adjust phone contacts and dialing procedures as necessary, especially after moving to a new region

  • Consider renting a satellite phone or radios, for travel in rural areas

    • Ensuring contact with colleagues who can assist in the event of an emergency

  • Engage with friends and colleagues who have traveled to your destination previously or who are originally from there

    • Ask questions about communications capabilities at your destination

  • Remember text/SMS/data may still work normally in an emergency when cellular phone service may overwhelm carrier capacity

Travel Communications Resources

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