Invest in the Future of Global Education

Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis, transforms students into leaders through international experiences, funds faculty research that tackles global challenges, and forms valuable partnerships around the world—while inspiring global curiosity, understanding and engagement at UC Davis and beyond.

We are committed to being innovative in expanding vital international and intercultural experiences for UC Davis community members. Donations to Global Affairs support student-focused global learning priorities that support our students in their academic and professional growth and faculty research projects that enable our faculty to be leaders in their fields. 

In pursuit of Global Education for All, we are expanding opportunities for invaluable global learning experiences that meet the needs of our diverse students and prepare them to succeed in this interconnected world. Your gift ensures access to these opportunities now and in decades to come.  

Global Education for All

Global learning experiences, and the critical thinking and professional skills that result, are more important than ever. Your gift to Global Education for All—a UC Davis Provost's Priority—ensures all UC Davis students have access to an education that prepares them to succeed in our interconnected and interdependent world, including our global job market.

Contributions provide flexible support for the development of pathways that increase student access to global learning opportunities, including:

  • Academics
    • Internationalized academic curricula
    • Expanded study abroad and away opportunities
    • And more
  • Experience
    • New global research avenues
    • Increased service learning, internships and externships
    • And more
  • Living and Leading
    • Global living and learning communities
    • Enhanced co-curricular and on-campus programming
    • And more

Global Affairs invites you to partner with us as we build on the robust international opportunities and rich regional diversity surrounding UC Davis to enable our students in becoming global problem-solvers.

Donate to Global Education for All

Global Affairs Annual Fund

The Global Affairs Annual Fund provides the Vice Provost and Dean with a source of flexible funds to respond to opportunities and initiatives that fulfill our mission of inspiring global curiosity, understanding, and engagement. Partner with us in preparing for a global future and support us in building a truly international community.

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Faculty Initiatives

Since 2001, we have awarded Global Affairs Seed Grants to more than 200 faculty members taking on creative international projects and contributing to the university's mission. These small awards have resulted in many important international partnerships, long-term research projects, and over $40 million in external grants. 

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International Scholars and Students

Over 8,400 international students and scholars study, teach, and conduct research at UC Davis each year. Many more highly talented students and scholars would contribute greatly to our community but are unable to attend UC Davis. Donate to help us attract and support some of the world's brightest international scholars and students to California and UC Davis.

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Study Abroad

Join us in supporting the next generation of global leaders. Today, more than perhaps any time in history, it is critically important to educate the best and brightest students to be global leaders in science, education, business, government and diplomacy. Most evidence suggests that the primary obstacle that students face in studying abroad is the cost. As such, these awards make a huge difference for many excellent students hoping to study abroad. 

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Larry N. Vanderhoef Scholarship for Study Abroad

Your contribution helps fulfill Chancellor Emeritus Larry Vanderhoef’s long-held goal to provide every UC Davis student with the opportunity to study abroad—an experience he believed could change their lives. Through study abroad, students can learn about and engage with other cultures, gain a new perspective on our complex world, and appreciate even more the richness of our diverse campus community.

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Blum Center for Developing Economies

The UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies provides sustainable solutions to alleviate global poverty while transforming students into leaders. Donations to the Center support education, applied research and outreach initiatives that tackle some of the most pressing challenges in countries around the world.

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About Global Affairs at UC Davis

Global Affairs brings the world to UC Davis, welcoming more than 10,000 international students, scholars and leaders, and hosting programs that inspire global curiosity, understanding and engagement. Compelled by the valuable outcomes of thinking globally, we make transformative opportunities a reality by supporting the thousands of students and faculty studying and researching internationally—and by facilitating collaborations that tackle the world’s most pressing problems through more than 150 international partnerships.

Putting our vision of a UC Davis community that engages, thrives, and leads in this interconnected world into action, Global Affairs is now in pursuit of an ambitious goal: Global Education for All.