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Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis

Global Affairs brings the world to UC Davis, welcoming more than 8,400 international students, scholars and leaders, and hosting programs that inspire global curiosity, understanding and engagement. Compelled by the valuable outcomes of thinking globally, we make transformative opportunities a reality by supporting the thousands of students and faculty studying and researching internationally—and by facilitating collaborations that tackle the world’s most pressing problems through more than 150 international partnerships.

Putting our vision of a UC Davis community that engages, thrives, and leads in this interconnected world into action, Global Affairs is now in pursuit of an ambitious goal: Global Education for All.

Global Affairs Fast Facts

200 Seed Grant Awarded Programs have earned $40 million in external funding, 150 international partnerships in 45 countries, 8,400 international students and scholars from 110 countries, 40% of new faculty hold a degree from international, more than 1,300 students study abroad across 30 countries, 150+ UC Davis faculty and instructors have taught or led education abroad courses, 28 international alumni chapters, 11th for hosting international scholars 2015-16, welcomed 450 visitors from 87 delegations in 2015-16

Our Strategic Priorities

Seed Grant Faculty in Field

  1. Developing Global Affairs and the International Center as the Physical, Virtual, and Metaphorical "Hub" for Global Engagement at UC Davis.
  2. Building the Capacity of All Members of the UC Davis Community to Succeed in an Interconnected World.
  3. Telling the UC Davis International Story: Improving Communications and Visibility. 

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Preparing Students to Succeed in an Interconnected World

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Through the university’s “Big Ideas” initiative, which brought nearly 200 collaborators together in submitting their transformational, forward-thinking ideas, Global Education for All was selected among the 13 finalists in early 2017. As we educate the next generation of global problem-solvers—and identify supporters of key resources ranging from scholarship support to a vibrant campus hub for global education—we invite supporters to partner with us in ensuring every UC Davis student has the opportunity to receive a global education before graduation.

Welcoming the World to UC Davis

We welcome more than 8,400 international students and scholars, along with professional fellows and leaders, such as Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows, Fulbright Scholars, and Mandela Washington Fellows, from more than 110 countries. Global Affairs also hosts programs and events—from Chinese painting workshops to Study Abroad information sessions and international grant writing workshops—that inspire global curiosity, understanding and engagement.

Fostering International Engagement with Funding and Resources

Global Affairs Partners

Knowing the importance of thinking and acting globally, Global Affairs makes transformative opportunities a reality by supporting the thousands of students and faculty studying and researching internationally—and by providing funding opportunities and travel resources that enable collaborations that tackle the world’s most pressing problems. We also support new opportunities through more than 150 international partnerships across over 45 countries.

UC Davis: Ranking Among the Best

1st in the world for veterinary medicine

1st in the nation for agriculture

1st in the nation for launching women into STEM professions

3rd in the world for campus sustainability

6th best among public universities in the U.S. 

9th among U.S. institutions granting undergraduate degrees to students of color

11th among U.S. universities in number of international scholars

10th among U.S. universities based on contributions to society

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