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2001-15 Seed Grants for International Activities Recipients

Congratulations to our Seed Grant Recipients from 2001-15

Partnering with UC Davis colleges and schools, Global Affairs provides Seed Grants for International Activities to faculty taking on innovative research, service, and engagement projects around the world.

2015 Fall

Promoting Academic and Research Partnerships with Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan

Karen Beardsley, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Farm-to-City Clean Energy Knowledge Transfer from Scandinavia

Sweden and Denmark
Catherine Brinkley, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Human Ecology

Democratizing Computer Programming for Non-Experts - Big Data Methods, Applications and Education

Ian Davidson and James Bailey, College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science

International Collaborative Research and Training Partnerships to Resolve the Emerging Global Threat of Tick-Borne Disease

Janet Foley, School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Medicine and Epidemiology

Youth Programs to Improve Food Security in Rural Nicaragua, Using Poultry as a Model

Rodrigo Gallardo, School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Population Health and Reproduction

Global Exchange for Action Research (GEAR) Nepal

Jonathan London, Nancy Erbstein, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Department of Human Ecology

Closing the Gap Between International Relations Researchers and the Foreign Aid Policy Community

United Kingdom
Gabriella Montinola, Simone Dietrich, College of Letters and Science, Department of Political Science

Conservation, Cooperation, & Carbon Credits: Piloting Plans on Pemba

Monique Borgerhoff Mulder, Timothy Caro, College of Letters and Science, Departments of Anthropology; Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology

Analysis of Receiving State Integration of Crisis Migrants: The Cases of the United States and Germany

Leticia Saucedo, School of Law

Acute Kidney Injury and Heat Exposure in Agricultural Zones

Central America and Mexico
Marc Schenker, Sally Moyce, School of Medicine, Department of Public Health Sciences

Kinigi Farms: A One Health Demonstration Project

Michael Wilkes, James Cullor, Julie Herlihy, School of Medicine, Global Health, Department of Pediatrics; School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Population Health and Reproduction

Chaos at the Museum: Infiltrating the Urban Fabric

Timothy McNeil, College of Letters and Science, Department of Design

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2013 Fall

Lions and Sukuma: Mitigating Conflict Across Tanzania

Timothy Caro, Monique Mulder, College of Agriculture & Environmental Science, College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences

Collaborations in Cultural Studies

Robert McKee Irwin, College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies

Screening and cascade testing for fragile X syndrome in intellectual disability population in Colombia

Flora Tassone, School of Medicine

Promoting Exchange between HCMUS and UCD GGCS

Kwan-Liu Ma, College of Engineering

UC Davis and UC Dublin Food and Health Strategic Partnership (UCD-UCD)

Bruce German, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Protecting habitats from pollutants to improve aquaculture and livelihoods in Indonesia

Swee The, Dolores Baxa, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine

Improving Wildlife Health in Nepal

Jonna Mazet, Joseph Gaydos, School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine

Center for the Study of Transnational Asia

Robyn Rodriguez, College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts & Cultural Studies

Expanding the Global Reach of One Health

Bennie Osburn, School of Veterinary Medicine

Building global competency in neurological exams

Ben Waldau, School of Medicine

Rethinking Latin American Studies: An International Discussion

Latin America, New Zealand, England
Charles Walker, College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences

Africa–LAC-Brazil–US Agricultural Innovation Marketplace

Africa, Latin America
Roberto Sainz, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Developing a One Health Learning Lab

Sri Lanka
Michael Wilkes, Woutrina Miller, School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine

University of California, Davis - University of Pretoria Collaborative One Health Research and Training Platform to Advance Global Health

Patricia Conrad, School of Veterinary Medicine

Improving Community Health Through Information Access, Education & Human & Veterinary Medicine: A Collaborative One Health Pilot Study in Saban Grande, Nicaragua

Rodrigo Gallardo, School of Veterinary Medicine

Dairy Dynamic Management International Online Training Modules – Rwanda

Mary Anne Porter, James Cullor, University Extension, School of Veterinary Medicine

The African Orphan Crops Consortium

Allen Deynze, Kent Bradford, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

Practicing Agricultural Community Entrepreneurship

Cary Trexler, Glenn Young, School of Education, College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences

UC Davis Research Cluster for the Study of Tea Culture & Science

Katharine Burnett, College of Letters and Science, HARCS

Girls in Robotics Leadership (GIRL) Camps

Harry Cheng, Heidi Espindola, College of Engineering, College of Engineering

Saving a Generation of Syrian University Students

Keith Watenpaugh, College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

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2012 Fall

Pediatric Training Program at the Hospital of the State University of Haiti

Douglas Gross, School of Medicine

Mitra Bahari: Restoring Marine Habitats and Biodiversity to Build Sustainable Livelihoods in Indonesia

Susan Williams, John Stachowicz, College of Biological Sciences

The Problem of Memory in Post-Transnational Latin America

Chile, Argentina, Germany, Colombia and Nicaragua
Michael Lazzara, College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Coffee Wilt and Ugandan Coffee Trade

Neil McRoberts, Thomas Gordon, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

US-Taiwan Bilateral Research and Education on Wind Turbine Monitoring and Control

Kenneth Loh, College of Engineering

Water is Life: A One Health Collaborative Research Program with Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, Tanzania

Woutrina Miller, Michael Wilkes, School of Veterinary Medicine

Promoting Literacy in Deaf Readers

Matthew Traxler, Pilar Pinar, College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences

Cross-Cultural Partnerships in Research and Education in Brazil and Bolivia

Brazil and Bolivia
Isabel Patricia Montanez, David Osleger, College of Letters and Science, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Promoting Distance Learning to Improve Infant Feeding in Developing Countries: Extending UC Davis Success Internationally

Sandra Huffman, Jane Heinig, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Audience, Participation, Experience: Beyond the Museum Exhibition

United Kingdom
Tim McNeil, Patricia Austin, College of Letters and Science, Division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Scholarly Exchange Between Serbia, Brazil, and UC Davis

Serbia and Brazil
Adam Sennet, David Copp, College of Letters and Science, Division of Social Sciences

Identification of Phyochemicals in Tea and Seed Oil with Vascular Health Benefits

Robert Hackman, Carl Keen, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Creating Tools for Resiliency for Rural Child Welfare Workers Impacted by Secondary Trauma

Holly Hatton, Susan Brooks, UC Davis Extension

Achieving International Agriculture Development through Scientific Exchange Opportunities between UC Davis and Latin America and the Caribbean

Jim Hill, Alan Bennett, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Youth Climate Impact

Jonathan London, Patsy Owens, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Promoting Lifelong Learning and Academic Engagement in Fruit and Nut Tree Agriculture

Carlos Crisosto, Ted DeJong, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

An Educational Engagement Program on Research Translation for Researchers

Joyce Gutstein
Office of Research

Educational Use of Environmental Tracers in the Calibration of Aquifer Models & Management of Groundwater

Timothy Ginn, College of Engineering

Nanostructured Materials World Network: Partnership with Nanjing University

Kai Liu, College of Letters & Science, Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Fostering an International Collaborative Program to Promote Children's Health through the UC Davis-GZCDC Joint Research, Education, & Outreach Project

Xunde Li, Rob Atwill, School of Veterinary Medicine

High resolution Neutron Imagine Using Novel Techniques

Michael Lerche, Charles Lesher, Office of Research

California and New Zealand: Synergies Between the GHG Emissions Trading Scheme and Regulations to Control Nutrient Discharges from Agricultural Production

New Zealand
Debbie Niemeier, Boon-Ling Yeo, College of Engineering

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2011 Fall

Strengthening Research and Educational Opportunities for Postharvest Biology between Kasetart University and UCD

Diane Beckles, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Integrating Computing and Robotics into K-12 Math Education

Harry Cheng, Jean Vandergheynst, Engineering

International Conference for Establishing Eransformative Education and Research Collaborations in Infections Diseases, Immunology, Molecular Medicine and Nanotechnology: a Partnership Between UC Davis and Federal University of Uberlandia (UFU/Brazil)

Satya Dandekar, Medicine

Food + Health Entrepeneurship Academy: International Outreach Initiative

Andrew Hargadon, Wil Agatstein, Graduate School of Management

Hippopotamus Behavior and Biology in Southern Africa: A New International Research and Educational Outreach Program

Botswana, Zambia, South Africa
Lynette Hart, Veterinary Medicine

Offering Courses to Off-Campus Students

Paul Hurst, Engineering

Watershed to Classroom: Building University Collaborations in Sulawesi

Lynn Kimsey, Andy Engilis, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Facilitating Hyper-Outreach Efforts by Seeding the Next Generation STEMWikis in the Dynamic Textbook Project

Multi-country (undefined)
Delmar Larsen, Letters and Science - Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

US-Germany International Research Collaboration and Integrated Education Program in Multifunctional Materials

Kenneth J. Loh, Engineering

Community Scholars: Engaged Scholarship for Regional Equity

Johnathan London, Jeff Loux, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Migration and Competitiveness: Japan and the United States

Philip Martin, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Catalyzing New International Collaborations: Solving Human-Wildlife Conflict in India through Research, Education and Outreach

Brenda McCowan, Edward Atwill, Veterinary Medicine

Water Conservation and Quality Management for Sustainability using Wireless Sensor Networks

Prasant Mohapatra, Engineering

Fostering International Education via a New Certification Program in Advanced Chemical Engineering

Turkey, Brazil, Korea
William Ristenpart, Engineering

Promoting health and economic development in the Sundarban region of India through improved nutritional and agricultural education

Raymond L. Rodriguez, Somen Nandi, Biological Sciences

Transnational Asia Quarter Abroad Program

Hong Kong (China), the Philippines
Robyn Rodriguez, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Engaging Farmers and Building Local Capacity to Enhance Soil Functioning and Food Security through Conservation Agriculture in Chiapas, Mexico

Johan Six, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Mining and Sustainable Development in Africa

D.R. Congo (Eastern Congo)
James Smith, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

Building a Bridge Between UC Davis and Gateway Antarvtica, University of Canterbury, NZ

New Zealand
Dawn Sumner, Letters and Science - Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Collaborative Research to Reduce the Carbon and Water Footprint of Rice in Mediterranean Climates

Chris van Kessel, Bruce Linquist, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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2008 Fall

Linking Agricultural Livelihoods and Conservation Priorities in Costa Rica: Collaboration between UC Davis and the CATIE for Tropical Agriculture Research and Education

Costa Rica
Valerie Eviner, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

UC Davis Program for International Energy Technologies

Andy Hargadon, Graduate School of Management

Using Electronic Corpora to Develop New Models of Language Learning and Language Use

United Kingdom
John Hawkins, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

Rare-earth Nanomaterials and Their Applications in Biomaterial Science: a Collaboration with Peking University in China under UC's 10 Plus 10 Alliance Program

Gang-Yu Liu, Letters and Science - Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Advancing tuberculosis detection and prevention to improve animal health, human health, and rural livelihoods in Africa: a partnership between UCD and Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania

Woutrina Miller, Deana Clifford, Veterinary Medicine

Promoting Agricultural Outreach and Soil Fertility Improvement in Uganda

Kate Scow, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

International Conference to Advance Education and Research Collaborations Concerning the Sensory Science and Market Penetration of Quality Olive Oil

Charles Shoemaker, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Understanding Global Environmental Pollution through an Educational Exchange between UC Davis and City University of Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China
Ronald Tjeerdema, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Seizing the Opportunity: Faculty Exchange Program with Brazil, Chile, and Peru

Brazil, Peru and Chile
Charles Walker, Letters & Science

Engaging Junior High School Girls in Science and Engineering Learning Paths via Female Air Quality Faculty Mentorship

Anthony Wexler, Engineering

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2007 Fall

Developing and Studying Academic and Adolescent Literacies In Partnership with Yolo and Sacramento County Teachers

Steven Athanases, Education

Investigating the Establishment of a UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center in Chile

Kent J. Bradford, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Focus on Postharvest Practices and Food Safety Issues for Small-scale Specialty Vegetable Growers In China And California

Marita Cantwell, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Integration of Information Technology into High School Curriculum

Harry H. Cheng, Engineering

Tools for Disease Forecasting

Kathryn DeRiemer, Qian Gao, Medicine

Lipid-based Nutrient Supplements (LNS) to Reduce Malnutrition in Africa: Development of a Proposal for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Kathryn Dewey, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Geomorphology and Microbes: A UC Davis Collaboration with Sichuan University and the Jiuzhaigou Park Authority, China

Joan Florsheim, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

2008 European Capital of Culture Opus Project

Norway, UK
Mark Francis, Michael Rios, Letters & Science

Bilateral Collaborations in Chemical Biology: A Partnership Between UC, Davis and Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Jacquelyn Gervay-Hague, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

An International Interdisciplinary Approach to Reducing Lead Contamination in Traditional Foods among Mexican Migrants in the U.S. and Communities of Origin: The Contributions of Epidemiology, Anthropology, and Community Development

James Grieshop, Margaret Handley, Jeffrey Cohen, Letters & Science

Latin American Cultural Studies

Robert McKee Irwin, Letters & Science

Point-of-care testing in Cambodia, China, Indonesia

Cambodia, China, Indonesia
Gerald J. Kost, School of Medicine

Promoting Excellence: Creating a Coaching Curriculum for the Renaissance Scholars

Michael Lawler, Sylvia Sersiper, Engineering

Art of Regional Change

Jonathan K. London, Carolyn De la Pena, Engineering

A Collaboration Program among UC Davis, Peking University (Beijing, China) and the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL; Lausanne, Switzerland)

China, Switzerland
Tingrui Pan,Cristina Davis, Letters & Science

Combining Agroecology and Anthropology to Address Andean Pest Outbreaks: A Collaborative Approach

Jay Rosenheim, Richard McElreath, Soroush Parsa, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Proposal for Partial Support of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities 2008 Symposium on Multihazards Around the Pacific Rim

John Rundle, Louise Kellogg, Engineering

Advancing soil conservation research through enhanced stakeholder- researcher interaction in rural Honduras

Johan Six, Steve Fonte, Letters & Science

International Research and Education Collaboration with Tokyo University of Science

Yayoi Takamura, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Marking the Bicentennial: Understanding the Legacy of European Rule in Latin America

Charles Walker, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

Regional Modeling of the Impact of Aerosols: Collaboration between UC Davis and Chengdu Science University, China

Bryan C. Weare

Managing the Private Self: The Rise of Psychotherapy in Reform-Era China

Li Zhang, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

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2006 Fall

Development of Rapid Throughput Screening Methods for Commercial Commodities: A Joint UC Davis Aix-Marseille University Student Training Program

Mathew Augustine, Stefano Caldarelli, Biological Sciences

UC Davis and University of Dar es Salaam graduate interaction initiative

Tim Caro, Monique Borgerhoff-Mulder, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Feasibility of Flash-heated Breast Milk for Reduction of Maternal-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Tanzania

Caroline Chantry, Medicine

Linking science and management in restoration projects: training students through a US-China collaboration

China, USA
Valerie Eviner, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Collaborative International Screening for Fragile X

Kenya, India, Thailand
Randi Hagerman, School of Medicine

Enhancing Rwanda research and technology transfer capacity to sustain increased productivity and competitiveness in food crops: A collaborative Effort of the Government of Rwanda and UC Davis

James Hill, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Collaboration in Basic Experimental Fusion Science Research between UC Davis and Tsinghua University (PRC)

David Hwang, Engineering

Linking South Asia and the Middle East

India, Sri Lanka, Egypt
Suad Joseph, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

How to Effectively Implement a Tribal TANF Program Handbook for Native American Communities

Michael Lawler, Other Units

Exploring an Integrated Lab for Field Experiments in Economic Development

Travis Lybbert, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Defects, Surfaces, and Interfaces in Ceramics: a Collaboration with Brazil and Mexico

Brazil, Mexico
Alexandra Navrotsky, Sangtae Kim, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Child Protection From a Rights Perspective

USA, England, Canada, Italy
Beth Ober, William Myers, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

UC Davis-METU OYP Collaboration

Ahmet Palazoglu, Robert Powell, Engineering

Opening of DHU-UCD Institute of Physics of Fibrous Soft Materials and A Symposium on Soft Matter Physics

Ning Pan, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Technology Transfer and Engagement for Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Ghana

Johan Six, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Understanding the Middle East and the West: A Professional Development Institute and Conference for California's Classrooms and Communities

Alan Taylor, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

Back to the Roots: Exploring the Academic Initiatives of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Neal Van Alfen, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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2005 Fall

Africanists' Initiative

Tim Caro, Letters & Science

Development for UCD Extension and Alumni Association Programs in China

Shu Geng, Dennis Pendleton, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Collaborative Agricultural Research and Development (CARD): Next Steps in the UC Davis and Can Tho University Partnership

James Hill, Cary Trexler, Elizabeth Mitcham, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

The Davis-Freiburg Community Exploration Course

Germany, USA
Frank Hirtz, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Development of a Postgraduate Exchange Between the Department of Theater & Dance, UC Davis, and the Shanghai Theatre Academy

Lynette Hunter, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Online Introductory Course in Animal Health Population Medicine

Jan Ilkiw, Veterinary Medicine

Distance Learning and Postgraduate Degree Programs with the National University in Argentina in Environmental Engineering, Toxicology, Environmental Studies, and Public Health

Jerry Last, Veronica Rajal, Biological Sciences

Multimedia Case Studies for Social Welfare Training and Development

Michael Lawler, Jann Donnenwirth, UC Davis Extension

UC Davis-Shakespeare's Globe Exchange Program

Peter Lichtenfels, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Food Packaging Course at the Post Graduate Institute of Agriculture in University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Jatal Mannapperuma, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Collaborative USA-Russia Training in Biology

Russia, USA
Sergey Nuzhdin, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Establishing Food Sensory Science Courses and Collaboration in Thailand

Michael O'Mahony, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Research and Educational Collaboration with Middle East Technical University in Turkey

Ahmet Palazoglu, Robert Powell, Engineering

Start-Up Funding to Develop a Visiting Scholars Program in Gender and Global Issues

Poland, Australia, Venezuela, Korea
Margaret Swain, Judith Newton, Tom Holloway, Other Units

International Cross Cultural Educational Collaboration to Improve Health Care

England, Hungary
Michael Wilkes, Joe Silva, Marc Schenker, Medicine

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2004 Fall

UC Davis -- Wageningen University Partnership Program in Plant Sciences, Sustainable Agriculture, Food Sciences, and Environmental Sciences

Patrick Brown, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate/High School Science Education Mentoring Project

Pam Castori, Ryan Mitchell, Biological Sciences

Collaboration between UC Davis and Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center

Roger Chetelat, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

International Health and Cross-Cultural Medicine

Colleen Denny-Garamendi, Marc Schenker, Medicine

Joint Exchange Graduate Training Program: UC Davis and University of Oslo, Norway

Gail Goodman, Letters and Science - Social Sciences

Pacific Rim Distance Education Exchange

USA, Japan
Beth Greenwood, Education

International Activities Planning Workshop

Bernd Hamann, Gunther Weber, Engineering

International Meeting of Sapotaceae Researchers

Costa Rica
Daniel Potter, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

International Post-Baccalaureate and Internship Exchange

India, Romania, USA
Margaret Swain, Leslie Rabine, Other Units

International Conference for the Center for the Evolution of the Global Economy

Netherlands, USA
Alan Taylor, Greg Clark, Other Units

Strengthening the UC Davis and Can Tho Partnership

Cary Trexler, Education

Housing and Community Development in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: From CA to Catalonia

Robert Wiener, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

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2003 Fall

A Proposed Study to Determine the Market for an MS in Intercultural Relations at UC Davis

Beth Greenwood, UC Davis Extension

International Symposium with Ryukyus

Darrell Hamamoto, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Biodiversity Research & Conservation in Southeast Asia: A Regional convention to Develop UC Davis Research Partnerships and Student Internships

Indonesia, Philippines
Daniel Potter, Jeanine Pfieiffer, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Tourism Development Program

Deborah Elliott-Fisk, Beth Greenwood, UC Davis Extension


El Salvador
Lislie George, Veterinary Medicine

Can Tho University Partnerships

James Hill, Patrick Brown, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Expanding On-Site International Internship Development

England, Denmark
Linda Hughes, Other Units

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2002 Fall

Teaching the Teachers: The UC Spanish Literature AP Project

Robert Blake, Letters & Science

Cross-Cultural Research in Early Science Education and Children's Scientific Reasoning

Zhe Chen, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Border Academy 2003: Intimate Partner Violence in the Border Region

Adela De La Torre, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Integrated Planning & Design Education for Community & Regional Improvement

Randall Fleming, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Pilot Cultural Training Program for UC Davis Students Enrolled in SSA, STPA and EAC Programs

Jean-Xavier Guinard, Cristina Martinez-Carazo, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

UC Davis Samara State University Partnership

Michael Lawler, Beth Greenwood, UCD Extension

Exploring a New Paradigm for Agricultural Development: Lithuania

Calvin O. Qualset, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Develop a K-12 and Pre-service teacher education Program: Gender and Global Issues in the Classroom.

Leslie Rabine, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Project CATEUS (Cooperative of Technological Applications for Teaching University: Physiology

W.J. Weidner, Biological Sciences

Latina/Latino Citizenships in the Americas: Concepts, Expressions and Practices

Mexico, USA
Ines Avila-Hernandez, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Partnerships in Education and Research with Zhejiang University

Patrick Brown, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Initiating a Collaborative Project with Zhejiang University in China on Non-Point Source Pollution in Hang Jia Hu Watershed in Zhejiang Province

Randy Dahlgren, Minguha Zhang, Dennis Rolston, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Build a New Partnership With Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Through a Research Collaboration On Water Resource Management

Shu Geng, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Establishing an International, Cooperative Program for Graduate Education on Precision Agriculture for Reducing Pesticide Use in Danish and California Agriculture.

Denmark, USA
D. Ken Giles, Engineering

Collaborative Initiatives with American University in Beirut/American University in Cairo/Lebanese American University

Egypt, Lebanon
Suad Joseph, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

International Collaborative Genetics Research Training Program

Sergey Nuzhdin, Biological Sciences

The Granada Television Relationship Expansion

Spain, England
Barbara Sellers-Young, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

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2001 Fall

Consortium for the Study of Asian Economics (CSAE)

Robert Feenstra, Jean Stratford, Letters & Science

Scholars At Risk: A Pilot Program

Rwanda, Iran, Bangladesh
Beth Greenwood, Law

Viet Nam Food Storage Capacity Project with Can Tho University

Louis Grivetti, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

International Distance Learning Program: Wine Production

James Lapsley, UCD Extension

Initiative to Organize a Workshop in Legon, Ghana, West Africa: Re-Thinking the UC Davis African-American & African Studies' Outreach and International Programs in a Transatlantic Context

Jacob Olupona, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Development of a Proposal for a Joint US-Brazil Fipse-Capes Funded Program in Animal Science

Roberto Sainz, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Promoting International Health at UC Davis - Builds on New Masters of Public Health

Marc Schenker, Colleen Denny, Medicine

Binational Training, Research and Institutional Development for the Study of Economic Change and Sustainability in Rural Mexico

J. Edward Taylor, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Undergraduate Summer Session Course in International, Community-Based Assessment/Instructional Materials

Kenneth Brown, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

International Business Leadership Program

Albert Harrison, Brooks Ohlson, Other Units

Program on Identity, Ethnicity and Citizenship in the Americas

Brazil, Peru, Canada
Thomas H. Holloway, Letters & Science

Values and Evaluating

Winder McConnell, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

UCDHS International Resource Center for Telemedicine Program Development

Thomas S. Nesbitt, Medicine

Proposal for Start-Up Funding to Develop an Internship Program, and a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Gender and Global Studies

Judith Newton, Margaret Swain, Letters and Science - Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Research and Education Collaboration with Universities in Turkey

Bob Powell, Ahmet Palazoglu, Engineering

Promoting Study Abroad

Chris Reynolds, Other Units

Executive Leadership Institute for Educators: The 21st Century School Leader

Margaret Wilcox, UCD Extension

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