Manuel Bugueño

Humphrey Portrait

After earning his Ph.D., he worked for four years in the Environmental Assessment Agency of Chile, conducting environmental impact assessment on energy and mining production and transportation of hazardous substances. Mr. Bugueno developed guidelines to establish baselines for environmental assessment for land ecosystem assessment and methodology to conduct environmental flow assessments for rivers. He was a member of the operating committee that reviews and updates the "Emission standard for regulating pollutants associated with discharges of industrial wastewater to sewers".

During his fellowship year with the Humphrey Program, Mr. Bugueno wants to learn more about water management and technological processes to improve the use and reuse of water, in order to produce fresh water from the seawater in the northern and central of Chile. Specifically, he wants to gain more experience in water policy management, water modeling and water treatment. 

Last updated: 2015
Environmental Engineer for the Environmental Assessment Agency of Chile in Chile

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