Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dokuz Eylül University

Faculty Host: Geoffrey Schladow
Faculty Host Contactgschladow@ucdavis.edu

Dr. Alper Elci has B.S. and M.Sc. degrees in Environmental Engineering from Dokuz Eylul University (Turkey) and received a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Engineering & Science from Clemson University (U.S.A.) in 2003. After completion of his graduate studies, he worked for a water resources consulting company in the United States. He returned to Turkey in 2004 and is currently a professor at Dokuz Eylul University. Dr. Elci’s primary research area is the modeling of contaminant fate and transport in surface water and groundwater. He provides consultancy to the water resources sector on water quality modeling and watershed characterization studies. Dr. Elci also teaches various courses and supervises students at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Elci will be active at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UC Davis from February to October 2020 where he will be conducting research on “Smart Water Management: Integrating Water Quality Modeling with State-Of-The-Art Data Sources”.


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