What is Global Learning?

Global learning helps students develop their capacity to be informed, open-minded, and responsible people, who are responsive to diverse perspectives. Global learning prepares us to address the world’s most pressing issues collaboratively, equitably and sustainably. Global learning helps students understand that pressing issues must be faced in an interdisciplinary way given the complexity of environments and competing needs and interests.

Where Can Global Learning Take Place?


What are Outcomes of Global Learning

Global learning opportunities at UC Davis focus on cultivating skills, knowledge, abilities, and networks tied to:

  • Global awareness
  • Global diversity
  • Global action

This means students will be prepared to:

  • Thrive and lead change in an interconnected world
  • Understand and engage with dimensions of cultural diversity to find solidarity and reach common goals
  • Address today’s greatest challenges and make a difference in the world, collaboratively and equitably

See the Global Learning Outcomes Framework.

What Does Global Learning Look Like?

Check out these stories from students benefiting from global learning on campus, in the region, across the U.S., and in communities on all seven continents.



Living and Leading


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