Roman Gerardo Fernandez Aldecoa

Environmental Science and Policy, Bodega Marine Lab
Center of Scientific Investigation and Advanced Studies of Ensenada

Faculty Host: Steven Morgan
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Roman Gerardo Fernandez Aldecoa is a Visiting Scholar from Mexico (September 2018 - December 2018). Right now, he is doing his PhD in Marine Ecology in the Center of Scientific Investigation and Advanced Studies of Ensenada, Mexico, where he also got his Master´s degree. He was granted by Fulbright to do a short stay in the Bodega Marine Laboratory with Dr. Steven Morgan. 

His research aims to understand the transport of marine invertebrate larvae to coast by different oceanographic mechanisms. His main focus are the internal waves and wind driven currents. These mechanisms are capable of transporting larvae of organisms with ecological and fisheries importance to shore, such as crabs, sea urchins, lobsters, mussels and abalone. It is of utmost importance to understand this link between the physical environment and marine organisms, because it is critical for the persistence, productivity and health of coastal populations. 


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