Konsam poses with her hand on her hip in a pink t shirt and jeans with water and a city skyline in the background.

Dr. Konsam Sarika completed her UG from GKVK, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore in 2011. She obtained her Master’s and PhD degree in 2013 and 2016 from Division of Genetics, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. In July 2016, she joined Agricultural Research Service of ICAR under DARE, Ministry of Agriculture, GoI as a Scientist.

Her PhD research focussed on marker-aided pyramiding of opaque2 and opaque16 genes in four parental inbred lines of popular QPM maize hybrids for enhancing lysine and tryptophan in maize endosperm. Dr. Sarika has published several research articles in reputable international journals such as Plant Science and PLos One. She is currently handling 4 projects, including a DBT and a DST SERB Grant, as Principal Investigator.

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