Ramazan Tugrul Senger

Izmir Institute of Technology

Faculty Host: Dong Yu
Faculty Host Contact: donyu@ucdavis.edu

R. Tuğrul Senger is a professor of physics at Izmir Institute of Technology (IZTECH), Turkey. He received his Ph.D. (2000) in condensed matter physics from Bilkent University. He held various research, academic, and administrative positions at Emory University, Bilkent University and IZTECH. He is an expert in computational materials science and quantum transport in nanostructures. His research activities focused on electron-phonon interactions in low-dimensional systems, theory of polarons and bipolarons, excitonic properties of highly ionic compounds, spintronics, and two-dimensional materials. Dr. Senger has authored more than 70 articles in these topics. As a Fulbright Visiting Scholar, he is collaborating with colleagues at UC Davis on understanding and improving physical properties of halide perovskites for solar cell applications.

For more information see: http://web.iyte.edu.tr/~tugrulsenger


Last updated: 2019


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