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Reimagining Global Living and Learning Spaces

Reimagining Global Living and Learning Spaces

The Philanthropic Opportunities

  • Establish Global Learning Hub Endowments to support  innovative community-engaged, residential and  virtual programs: $50,000 to $2.5 million
  • Endow Curriculum Enhancement through Global Learning Fellows to innovate course design for global  learning: $2.5 million
  • Establish Globalizing the Curriculum Grants to help faculty bring the world to their  classrooms: $2,000 annually or $50,000 to endow
  • Create Global Learning Spaces and Virtual Classrooms by enhancing existing classrooms in the International Center: $25,000
  • Support the Global Learning Innovation Fund, which provides technology and  programming for virtual  classes, virtual internships and e-portfolios through an annual gift: $1,000 

Students are seeking spaces within and beyond their classrooms where they can easily interact, collaborate and learn from each other. Global education can take place anywhere, and we are reenvisioning the environments where UC Davis students learn—from creative classrooms and residential living-learning communities to flexible spaces where students can informally interact at campus events.

Virtual engagement tools offer students affordable global experiences that meet them where they are. Technology-driven spaces are reshaping the way we learn, work and collaborate, creating new platforms and new opportunities for learning—and in turn, making meaningful global learning accessible to more students.

Our vision for a reimagined global campus includes expanding learning opportunities for more students through virtual, flexible tools while simultaneously bringing more learners into retrofitted campus spaces for connection, creativity, discovery and career development.

Pairing flexible physical learning environments with innovative virtual spaces will foster greater collaboration among students, faculty and community partners. On-campus and in-person programs where undergraduate students can immerse themselves in global perspectives— such as Global First-Year Seminars, Global Engagement Opportunity living-learning community programs, courses that integrate international collaboration, and the Global Learning Conference—weave intercultural engagement throughout the Aggie experience. Community-engaged courses, international research experiences, and intercultural internships and externships connect Aggies in our graduate and professional programs with invaluable global perspectives and networks.

UC Davis has embraced new possibilities for education, career preparation and connection in virtual spaces—including hybrid study abroad and research, internationally co-taught courses, virtual internships, online mentoring and more. We anticipate that these new learning spaces will continue to play a key role in global education and career preparation well into the future.

With your support, Global Affairs will make a richly global and intercultural education available to every UC Davis student through innovative uses of virtual technology and integration of global learning into a wide variety of campus spaces.

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