Global Aggies Participation Form

Global Aggies are members of the UC Davis community who are living the Global Affairs mission: to inspire global curiosity, understanding, and engagement.

Who are Global Aggies?

  • Those participating in global learning activities on and/or off campus.
  • Those who have unique international experiences and unique UC Davis stories. Some examples: a unique way they are globally shaping their major/minor at UC Davis; leadership in a global-related club and/or event participation on campus; an interesting background or inspiring global story to tell; a passion for international/intercultural engagement and exchange, unique international/intercultural collaborations, or activities tied to UC Davis.
  • Those with human-interest stories and UC Davis global experiences (think: Humans of New York!).
  • Those who have unique professional or alumni stories (e.g. how their global learning at UC Davis contributed to their current professional career track or a change in career paths).
  • Those with high quality global/international images, video footage, and excitement to share their story.
  • International students engaged in global learning domestically or internationally in countries other than their own.

Any member of the UC Davis community is eligible for this recognition.

We encourage you to share your own Global Aggies stories on social media using the official hashtag #GlobalAggies. We check our social channels regularly and will be giving out prizes, at random, for those sharing their stories online.

You may nominate yourself!

Disclaimer: Our goal is to feature as many Global Aggies as possible throughout the year—online, in print, and on display throughout campus. Not all will be featured or featured right away.

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