Headshot of Jireh Bookwa against a light blue gray background. He wears a blue plaid vest over a white collared shirt with a dark tie. His hair is closely cropped and has a slight smile to the camera.

Jireh Boloy Bookwa is an award-winning social entrepreneur with more than six years of experience in project management, information and communication technology, and youth empowerment through education. He has a strong passion for politics and sustainable development and uses social entrepreneurship and smart technologies to deliver positive change in his community. In May 2019, he was appointed Democratic Republic of the Congo national coordinator of the Youth Action Hub, an initiative that allows youth to share their views on matters within the United Nations (UN) Conference on Trade and Development's mandate. Jireh and his team are game-changers in their communities, setting up projects related to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Jireh has also created TEK-ART, an online platform to sell and promote the works of African artists. Jireh holds a postgraduate diploma in Educational Policy, Leadership, and Management from East China Normal University in Shanghai. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Jireh plans to focus on public policy formulation and analysis, and to champion reforms that will encourage youth commitment to parliament and public enterprises.

Last updated: 2021


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