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Eltahir Ahmed Taha has over seven years of experience in the energy sector, specializing in planning and managing development projects. Eltahir is a Project Engineer by profession, currently working for the Sudanese Petroleum Corporation under the Ministry of Petroleum and Gas. His main responsibilities include recommending, evaluating, planning, and managing development projects in order to optimally utilize Sudan's resources and satisfy the demand of the Sudanese energy market. Eltahir is a chemical engineer, a MBA holder, and a Project Management Institute-certified project management professional. He has served as chairman of Chemical Engineering Student Society and is an active member of Sudanese Engineers Union and Tabat Local Community Development Initiative. He is inspired and committed to bring Sudan up to the challenges of the twenty-first century by providing sustainable energy for every Sudanese sector and finding solutions that help generate power from Sudan?s various energy sources economically and utilizing it efficiently. By participating in Mandela Washington Fellowship, Eltahir hopes that he will encounter new great ideas, energy polices, and technologies that suit Sudan's needs. He plans to promote and develop such ideas through business and public organization initiatives.

Last updated: 2017


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