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Hercule Kalele has over two years experience in field of energy, especially in the synthesis of new energetic materials. Currently, Hercule works as an Associate Professor at the School of Sciences at the University of Kinshasa, where he teaches courses related to energy and materials sciences. He also supervises internships for students at the Department of Chemistry and Industry. Concurrently, Hercule is the Manager of General African Engineering, a private company specializing in energy cost savings. Hercule completed his Ph.D. in Material Physics and Chemistry with specialization in new materials for energy conversion and storage at Wuhan University of Technology. He hopes to learn more about policy on public management of energy through completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship. Upon his return back home, this will help him face the energy challenges and play a key role in the management of energy for a sustainable development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Last updated: 2017


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