Joledo Headshot

  • Mandela Washington Fellowship
  • 2018-19
  • Nigeria
Oyewole Joledo has over seven years’ experience in the agro-biotechnology sector. Currently, Oyewole is a scientific officer at the National Biotechnology Development Agency’s Consultancy and Extension Division, where he works alongside top biotechnologists on various stages of agro-biotechnology adoption by farmers and rural populations in Nigeria. He is passionate about harmonizing the demands of producers with those of policymakers. Oyewole holds a master's degree from the University of Ilorin in Agricultural Economics, where he focused on demand models for agricultural products among rural households. He is committed to tackling food insecurity challenges faced by Nigerians. He aims to address these issues through research and biotechnology orientation programs in communities, during which the benefits and fears surrounding biotechnology can be addressed. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Oyewole intends to organize grassroots forums, projects, and programs, which focus on bringing agricultural sector stakeholders together to discuss, suggest, and implement biotechnology solutions to the food insecurity challenges in Nigeria.

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