Headshot of Patricia Labina smiling at the camera. Her shoulder-length dark hair is straight with bangs, and she wears a bright pink blazer.

Labina Bongiria Patricia Kenyi is a civil engineer from South Sudan. She specializes in water, sanitation, and health (WASH) engineering and has almost five years of experience with sustainable WASH programs that ensure clean water and safe sanitation are accessible to all. She believes that such programs can promote economic growth and productivity and improve investments in health and education. Labina is currently a WASH program coordinator at the Rural Water and Sanitation Support Agency (RUWASSA), where she is responsible for the development, planning, implementation, and monitoring of WASH projects. Her work includes budget management, grant proposal writing, team leadership, and report writing. Before joining RUWASSA, Labina was a WASH officer with World Vision International. She also serves on the board of directors of Rural Finance Initiative, a cross-border microfinance institution providing South Sudan and Uganda's refugees with financial services. Labina holds a master's degree in Water, Sanitation, and Health Engineering and a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African leaders, she plans to use her career to address increasingly complex societal and global challenges.

Last updated: 2021


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