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Mahatante Paubert has over nine years of experience in various roles in fishery management, environment, leadership and society, and physical and biological oceanography. Currently, Paubert presides over the Regional Platform of Civil Society Organizations in southwestern Madagascar, where more than 270 NGO and associations members focus on promoting good governance, environment, gender, health, education and culture, sustainable development and human rights in Madagascar. He teaches environmental impact assessment and climate change adaptation at the Toliara University, Madagascar. Paubert will be awarded his PhD in Applied Oceanography from the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Institute of Toliara University Madagascar in 2016. He is a researcher on environment and physical and biological oceanography. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Paubert plans to continue his work developing projects on fishery, wind and solar energy, and desalinization in southern Madagascar to save people from poverty and famine.

Last updated: 2016

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