Headshot of Kwezi Sogoni wearing a light taupe shirt. He looks at the camera with a slight smile. He has a long beard on his chin and closely cropped dark hair.

Kwezi Sogoni has more than six years of experience in public policy and administration at both the national and local levels of government. He has experience in opposition, coalition, and government politics across different spheres of government. Currently, Kwezi is the assistant director of political administration at the Office of the Council Chief Whip of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, in which role he focuses on political operations, public policy and administration, and civic engagement. Previously, Kwezi was a parliamentary researcher for the Parliament of South Africa and a policy analyst focusing on the governance of natural resources. Kwezi holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences (with honors) in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. He is committed to changing the lived reality of a divided country by using politics as a vehicle through which to address power imbalances and by rebuilding transformed and unified communities. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, Kwezi intends to help establish platforms that support active citizenship and direct participation in the decision-making processes of the Johannesburg City Council, with the aim of devolving power from the politicians to the people.

Last updated: 2021


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