News about the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program at UC Davis


Discovering American Culture

Rosani Matoso Silva from Brazil and Kara Roopsingh from Trinidad and Tobago are experiencing American culture for the first time as Humphrey Fellows in the 2023-24 cohort. Fellows are encouraged to enjoy activities outside of the program, and those activities often introduce them to American traditions or cultural events. Rosani and Kara wrote about two of their favorites from their Humphrey Fellowship experience.

Humphrey Fellowship Beyond the Imagination

Humphrey Fellowship has been fruitful for me both professionally and academically as I have experienced international exposure. Professionally, I have broadened my networking with different organizations and individuals in the U.S. by taking part in workshops, conferences, trainings and meetings. Among them, Global Leadership Forum (GLF), Esri Federal GIS Conference 2023 in Washington D.C.

Magnifying the Ever-Dwindling Wetlands

I chose to work with an American institution that shares my dreams. After a thorough search and consultations, I found time to work with the Yolo Basin Foundation in Davis. One thing I am glad about is that I have no regrets about my decision to work here. I became interested in working with this organization when I first paid a visit and volunteered over the weekend in Summer 2022. Since then, I have wanted to go back and spend more time working there.

Working to Contribute to Agricultural Modernization in Equatorial Guinea

I am an official at the Department of Extension of the Ministry of Agriculture of Equatorial Guinea, and I am involved in extension work, though not formally trained in it. My work entails empowering the farmers through trainings and projects; I also conduct research to produce data that can lead to informed policies in the sector.

Queen Bee of Shangri-La: My Humphrey Journey at UC Davis

As a mother of two young children and a social entrepreneur and community influencer in Tibet for over a decade, my Humphrey Fellowship at UC Davis has been an invaluable experience that has shaped my personal and professional growth. I have focused on women's empowerment through beekeeping and marketing varietal honey by descriptive honey tastes to zero-use pesticides to produce unadulterated honey in Shangri-La.