Campus Global Theme

students in global learning activities on campus and in other countries

Food for Thought: Feeding Ourselves, Feeding the Planet

The Campus Global Theme program identifies a topic linked to one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and engages the entire UC Davis community in related discussion, learning, discovery, and action. The inaugural Campus Global Theme is Food for Thought: Feeding Ourselves, Feeding the Planet, emphasizing the global dimensions of discussing, celebrating, analyzing and acting upon feeding humanity. 

The inaugural Campus Global Theme aims to explore the complexities surrounding the notion of “Food for Thought," bringing together the UC Davis community in this exploration. This includes discussions such as how the concept of food is culturally embedded or how food is environmentally, politically and socially shaped, understood, produced, utilized, accessed, or impacted. 

How You Can Get Involved

We invite the entire UC Davis community to engage in this interdisciplinary conversation and discovery by creating workshops, seminars, events, gatherings, performances, and/or other programs. Campus Global Theme programming will be held at both the Davis and Sacramento campuses.

Example of event emphases could include:

  • food (in)security around the world;
  • food cultures in California and beyond;
  • global research on the science of taste;
  • global climate change implications for agriculture;
  • international migration and water;
  • the effects of foods prevalent in different parts of the world on human bodies and the human genome;
  • gender and food in comparative cultural contexts;
  • the relationship between agriculture and transnational immigration;
  • ethical dimensions of food and agriculture across cultures;
  • the art of hosting from international perspectives;
  • the use of performance to promote healthy nutrition in different cultural contexts;
  • literary approaches to food studies from international perspectives;
  • food and multicultural identities;
  • globalization and the literature of food;
  • merging food and sound locally and globally;
  • how technologies are shaping what and how we eat around the planet;
  • and many more.

More Information

This program complements the work of Global Education for All, an initiative to engage 100% of UC Davis students—undergraduate, graduate and professional—in global learning before graduation. 

A Campus Global Theme planning committee is being formed, bringing together some members of the UC Davis Millennium Fellows and the Global Education for All Steering Committee, and additional representation from faculty, students, and staff across campus. A call for proposals for program funding will be announced in spring 2019, while programming is set to begin in winter 2020 to last through spring 2021.

UC Davis community members interested in getting involved are invited to email