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Campus Global Theme Call for Proposals

Campus Global Theme Call for Proposals

Global Affairs announces a call for mini-grant proposals for the Campus Global Theme: Transformative Energies: Repowering and Empowering the Planet. Students can request up to $250, or staff and faculty up to $1,000 for a proposed program or event. A single program or event is only eligible to receive one grant. Proposed programs/events can include speakers, workshops, films or performances, informational videos, virtual tours or others.  We will support your creative ideas in any way we can. 


The Campus Global Theme program supports campus engagement with one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The entire UC Davis community is invited to explore and address the theme from multiple disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives.

“Transformative Energies: Repowering and Empowering the Planet” dares to imagine repowering and empowering the planet as being two sides of the same coin. It holds out the possibility that an energy transition from a reliance on hydrocarbons to sustainable technologies simultaneously entails upending embedded systems of social inequity and ecological damage. Racial, economic, and environmental harms have been enmeshed with the world’s historically tenacious and dominant forms of power. Such power threatens energy democracy and our capacity to identify and recognize greenwashing and misinformation. Transformative Energies seeks to compel a deeper understanding of these connections and to build complex, multi-faceted efforts to transform them.

Transformative Energies calls upon all members of our campus—students, faculty, and staff—to share creative ways to reconsider and reconfigure our relationship to power through scientific, social, humanistic, and artistic experimentation and analysis. Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Transformative Energies summons UC Davis’ varied interdisciplinary strengths and encourages collaborations and conversations on Transformative Energies, imagined historically and contemporarily, materially and speculatively, humanistically, artistically, and scientifically.

Please read more in the Campus Global Theme Statement of Purpose, written by Suzana Sawyer, Professor of Anthropology, and Rebecca Hernandez, Associate Professor of Land, Air, and Water Resources, who are serving as the faculty co-chairs for this theme.

Mini-Grant Application and Submission


All UC Davis community members are eligible to apply. All UC Davis locations are eligible.


Grants will be offered starting in Winter Quarter 2022 and continue through Fall Quarter 2022. Grant applications will be considered on a rolling basis, every two-three weeks by the review committee, until grant funds are exhausted.

Requesting Funds

Up to $1,000 per faculty/staff proposal and up to $250 per student proposal will be provided.

You are also welcome to apply to have your program or event listed as an official Campus Global Theme event without requesting funding. Simply complete the proposal form and zero out the funding field, and your event will be advertised as part of the theme by Global Affairs.


Proposed activities must take place between January 3, 2022 and March 31, 2023. 

Proposal Submission Requirements

Submit your proposal application via the online application form.

Proposals should include these elements:

  • title
  • type of activity
  • purpose (250 word maximum)
  • expected outcomes (250 word maximum)
  • relation to the Campus Global Theme (250 word maximum)
  • your funding request/budget

If selected, you must provide all specific details about your event/activity to Global Affairs at least a month prior to your event and no later than May 31, 2023.  All funds must be dispersed (not spent) by June 30, 2023.

Please submit only one request per individual.

Evaluation Criteria

A review committee will review all proposals and make funding recommendations to the theme co-chairs who will make a final decision on all applications.  Key criteria for proposal evaluation will include those that:

  • Strongly relate to the theme of Transformative Energies: Repowering and Empowering the Planet;
  • Include participation of undergraduate and graduate students;
  • Foster global collaborations related to the theme;
  • Highlight UC Davis’ research and innovation related to the theme;
  • Enhance the global engagement of student, faculty, and staff;
  • Promote dialogue that adheres to UC Davis’ Principles of Community.

Submit your Proposal Application